Yesterday I was invited by Netflix to an exclusive all expenses paid trip to London for a lunch hosted by TV Presenter Jeff Brazier to celebrate the launch of ‘5 Minute Favourites’.

Basically parents can kiss bedtime battles goodnight away with a little help from the hit series Dinotrux. So if your kid is bedtime stalling you can offer up an entire show, all 300 seconds of it. It’s actually quite genius.


Kayla is the master of bedtime stalling. Everything from forgetting how to sleep, telling me she would miss me while she slept and the best one of all was her telling me her eyelash hurt. Yep, the hair that curls out by her eye was hurting her. She’s normally very good at going to bed but sometimes her tactics can last as long as twenty minutes.


It was fabulous day with the best company I could ask for. Joining me for the day was Sinead from Bumbles Of Rice and Laura from The Mamma Fairy. We mingled with some UK parenting bloggers, ate and drank till our bellies couldn’t take any more. And we got some Netflix goodies to take home which saved me having to buy the big kid a present. It was held in the ubercool Hoxton, a very trendy little spot I must say. If I was ever going back I’d love to book in for an afternoon tea or something.


Jeff gave a little speech, he is so down to earth. He admitted his boys are bedtime stallers too, they’re always ‘forgetting’ to do their homework and remind him just as he’s bringing them off to bed. Their huge Netflix fans too.

We were due to fly home at 6pm but once we arrived at the airport flights to Dublin were being cancelled or redirected. After an hour of sweating with 8% battery we finally boarded to the sound of the pilot telling us he would do his best to get us to Dublin, if not we that he would redirect to Belfast. Thankfully Storm Barney had a little nap and we landed safely.

I arrived home to a smug sound of ‘it’s not that hard, don’t know what you do be waffling on about’. I half expected the house to fall apart while I was gone, but no, it was spotless. He cooked dinner, did school runs, baths, bedtime, the washing and had the lunches ready all by 9pm. He was even showered.

However while he was in work today I found his stash of bribery crisps and chocolate animal biscuits hidden in the press. Not that hard is it then?

Is your kid a bedtime staller? What’s the funniest thing they’ve said to avoid going to bed?

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  1. He’s good at going to bed. I’m being consistent with him but he always tries to get me. Lately he needs a drink before he goes to sleep. And bare in mind he already had one before story time!

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