On Friday evening we had been invited along to the opening of Luggwoods Enchanted Forest. Upon arrival, we were greeted by some Elves and led to a portacabin to wait for the rest of the families in our time slot to arrive. Once they appeared we began our ninety-minute journey starting with ‘Santa’s train’. I’ll be honest I’ve been on plenty of trains but this train didn’t choo-choo, it was a trailer/open carriage pulled by a tractor kitted out and decorated in Christmas lights. 

Luggwoods Santa's Enchanted Forest Review

The train brought us through the ‘enchanted forest’, lasting about ten minutes. You see lots of fairies, where the Grinch lives and lots of other delights on the journey up to Luggwoods. There was Elves acting and had all the kids entertained whilst they tried to save Christmas. I won’t go into the whole story cause that will run it but Kayla loved it. The two elves were absolutely brilliant!

Luggwoods Santa's Enchanted Forest Review

The Luggwoods barn is divided into three sections. The first room has four pens of animal and the kids have an opportunity to feed Santa’s reindeer and there is a big tractor that the kids can get on.

Luggwoods Santa's Enchanted Forest Review

Through the next door was The Grinch and everyone had the opportunity to launch snowballs at him. Kayla was more excited about getting to see him than Santa and we thought we would get a ‘meet and greet’ which we didn’t so that was a little disappointing especially for Kayla. There was also a little section for toddlers and babies to play with snowballs too. Frankie battered poor Joe with them.

Luggwoods Santa's Enchanted Forest Review1

In the next room was Santa’s Grotto, the main room and there was loads of elves singing and dancing. They were tables full of colouring books, a candy cane Christmas tree, a huge blackboard for the kids and of course Santa. There was a little hut in the corner selling tea, coffee and cakes too.

Luggwoods Santa's Enchanted Forest Review

There was a baby feeding/changing hut in the main barn created by HerFamily.ie. A great little idea in my opinion and it was decked with wipes and nappies too, handy if you run out of forgot yours.

Luggwoods Santa's Enchanted Forest Review2

I think there were about ten elves maybe fifteen and if they weren’t singing or dancing they were chatting with all the kids, colouring or drawing on the blackboard with them. No kid was left alone.

Luggwoods Santa's Enchanted Forest Review3

Santa was the real Santa and he was absolutely class. We had a good ten minutes with him and got to take as many photos’s as we wanted. He even tried to have a chat with the boy who was more interested in eating his candy cane, he was in his element chewing on it for the duration.

Luggwoods Santa's Enchanted Forest Review4

The kids each got presents. According to the website, all kids will receive a ‘handmade toy’ which we clearly didn’t get. Frankie got a man doll type thing, he has absolutely no interest in and Kadie got a rattle ball. And Kayla got some My Little Pony lookalikes, they’re squishie, very small and she was a little disappointed.


In all, it was a good experience, apart from the toys. Kayla had a ball, Frankie got to run-a-muc and Kadie slept through it all. The coffee was good and the view from Luggwoods of Dublin was spectacular. Santa was one of the best we’ve seen, but if I’m honest it was the Elves who made the evening for us, they entertained the kids non-stop from arrival to departure.

For more information check out www.luggwoods.ie

It has been brought to my attention that Luggwoods have changed the experience since our visit last year (November 2015) so have a little google around to see if you can find a more recent review.

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  1. My self,husband and my 2 kids went to Luggwoods this afternoon.I was told that it was a wonderful,magical experience.well it was most certainly not that.To start they were running 20mins late,which is fine.The journey up was grand.we met the Grinch on the way up,I read in a review that they use actual actors.well they must have been on a day off,cause the Grinch had an awful rubber mask thing on him,was pathetic.there was no atmosphere at all,and no proper organization.we were braught into a shed to meet Mrs Claus,who I am so sorry to say looked and sounded like she had no more interest being there.and was forgetting really simple words and getting quite confused.then we were sent into another room where 3 of the elves did what was suppose to be some sort of entertainment in the form of a dance.Then we were sent into another room were you can have a photo taken on a sledge,and this room also had a cafe in it.it seemed like every room was trying to make you spend more money.the visit to Santa himself was fine.then out into another room where they wanted you to spend even more money on face painting making christmas gifts,etc.very,very disappointing experience,would not recommend it to anyone.all my kids were talking about was that they wanted to back next year to Causey farm next year,which is where we went last year and it was truly a magical experience.

    • Oh Linda, that sounds nothing at all like our experience! Face painting was free last year too! Have you emailed or Facebooked them? I would if I was you. Very disappointing!!

  2. I have to say I completely agree with Linda above. We went to Luggwoods yesterday, it was the most thrown together experience ever. The Grinch was in an awful rubber mask, Mrs Claus sounded like she didn’t know why she was there and the dancing elves was beyond terrible.
    The only saving grace was Santa, who was authentic and welcoming.
    Again in every room there was an expectation to spend money, €3 for face painting, decoration making and snow globes. There was a terrible “ball pool” for toddlers which was the only entertainment while waiting for the “train” in which all aged children were jumping as there was nothing else to do. To top it off, when the “train” came to collect there wasn’t enough seats so kids had to sit on laps.
    At €60 for a family ticket, 2 adults and 2 kids, I felt utterly ripped off for the experience we had.
    Don’t waste your hard earned cash on this, Christmas is expensive enough already!

    • Ah Teresa, I’m gutted for you’s. Sounds awful!! Have you complained? Everything you mentioned above was nothing like our experience… it seems they have changed almost everything apart from the Santa. I’d be straight on the phone, emailing or Facebooking them if I’m honest. It’s a lot of money!!!

  3. Yes I have to agree with Teresa. Our experience of luggwoods christmas was extremly disappointing. The elves had no interest being there, they were talking amongst themselves, the odd one or two interacted with the children, but it was limited. Once through everything was an extra expense, we too paid €60 for our ticket,so feel cheated that a sock snow man was an xtra €3 per child. Decoration making was extra, a family photo €10, what was the €60 for?????? a small wooden plane which didnt even go together properly…… the final straw was the candy cane each child got on the way back, tiny was not the word, the children thought they were getting a full size candy cane but no that was extra too.
    I agree with Teresa Santa was great, the kids really enjoyed it but that was about it.
    My poor 6yr old didnt even see the grinch as we were on the opposite side of the ‘train’, children should have been advised to sit on the side with the grinch.
    Would not recommend luggwoods Christmas to anyone.
    No atmosphere, elves no interest in job, no christmas spirit….. not happy.

  4. Exact same as the others. Very disappointed. It was so cheap & tacky. Mrs. Claus was cringe, she didn’t seem like she knew what to do or had any interest. None of the elves made much of an effort with any of the kids. The Santa was nice but apparently there are two Santas there & the one we went to was the one with the fake beard. It was only when we came out & saw other people’s pictures on the screen we asked & they said yes there are two! It was a total rip off!! Never again

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