We made it, everyone is still alive. And since becoming a mammy of three I’ve learnt so much more about parenting. It really is a fulltime job, I dunno how working mammies do it. There’s always an ass that needs wiping. The washing basket is never be empty. And I will probably never sleep more than three hours ever ever again.

Kadie had her six-week check up and she passed with flying colours. She’s put on 3lbs, now weighing 10lbs 10oz. She’s filling 3-6 month clothes and growing out of her moses basket – not that she spends much time in it. She starts off the night in there and ends up in beside us, if not she’s flaked out on her belly. The paediatrician lectured me about co-sleeping and about how dangerous it is to allow babies to sleep on her belly too. But the fact is she loves her belly just like my other babies and they both turned out fine. As for co-sleeping I’d love her to get back to me when she has her own kids. If I was a first time mammy I’d probably have left in tears.


She feeds eightish times a day and wake two-three times at night. She’s in cloth nappies fulltime the past week and loves being in our sling. She’s loosing all her hair and has eventually grown into her feet. They don’t look so huge anymore.

The notoriously unpredictable one year old can be found destructing one of Kayla’s toys or searching for anything that resembles a weapon to bang off the walls, floors and doors. He doesn’t like clothes. So he spends most of the day running around in his cloth nappies making lots of noise. He really likes the sound of his own voice too. Word of the week is ‘lunna-tick’. We really need to stop calling him that.


In the past few weeks we have duct taped draws and cupboards closed. We’ve taken the knobs of the cooker. And we have installed a baby gate on the playroom door. Only today I bathed Kadie and while I was dressing her the little terrorist dived into her bath fully clothed.

Although he’s a destructive little character he has a super soft side. If Kadie lets out a little cry he will run to her aid. He gives her snotty kisses, he’ll pat her like a dog and he’ll climb right up on top of her in her Cradle N’ Swing to suffocate her for a cuddle. We pretty much knew from day one he was cool with her, he never felt threatened by her presence. He gave her the remote control for god sakes – nobody gets the remote.


Then there’s Kayla, or Mammy Kayla as I like to call her now. Kadie is her baby, not mine. She goes everywhere Kadie goes. Kayla wants to feed her, hold her, bath her, dress her and watch her sleep every single minute of every single day. If Kadie’s a little unsettled at night Kayla is close by and upset that she’s upset. When she arrives home from her dads she’ll walk straight pass us asking were Kadie is. Every time I look at her she’s hanging out of her.


I feel awful guilty that our crafty sessions, adventures and afternoon bake off’s are on hold while we adjust to new family life. So I bribe her with Netflix and chocolate, and I give her my phone to watch kinder surprise openings or Mamma Mia video’s on YouTube pretty much whenever she asks. But they will resume soon and will be even better now that Frankie is walking and talking.

I have a shit load of coffee to thank for getting me though the past few weeks. And my mammy who pops by every single day and of course Joe for putting up with me and my craziness. I look like shit, smell like shit but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Here’s to the next six weeks.

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  1. I love how normal you make me feel. My bubs is a wk older than kadie. I dunno how people do it with 4 5 & 6 kids. Love reading your bloggs.

  2. Well done on surviving the first 6 weeks. I’m just settling into life with two and Clara is 16 months now! I’m looking forward to making the leap to three one day (waaaaay off in the future if hubby has his way!) but I honestly don’t think I will leave the house for the first few years!

  3. Oh I love seeing your family dynamic emerging through this post. Sounds like you are doing great for 6 weeks. I found when I had my youngest (twin boys) having an older daughter kind of made us get up and back to normal life faster as I wanted to be out and about to do things with her.

  4. How do you do it with three?! I just have a 9 week old daughter and wonder how I’d get on with another! Feel like a feeding machine so not much else gets done!!

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