Anybody who has a kid who has a comforter like a teddy or blanket knows the sheer panic when it’s nowhere to be seen. Kayla has two blankets and a Teddy. One blanket in particular named Bubbles cannot leave the house. I would have a nervous break-down if he (he’s a male blanket btw) crossed the front door. She will not go to sleep in our house without this one particular blanket. Even though we have a replacement, it’s not the same.

I was in the playroom yesterday and there was an awful whiff about the place. I sniffed around and discovered it was coming from Frankie’s Teddy, humming it was! Foolishly I put Teddy in the was at 7.10pm. I replaced him with a blue Rabbit because Frankie’s one and he wouldn’t notice surely. He was having none of Rabbit. For the guts of an hour Frankie wouldn’t settle, he abused poor Rabbit. He bit, stomped and launched Rabbit from his cot like a missile. He called Teddy as if he had legs and would run up to him. I knew if I took Teddy out of the wash he’d be wringing wet, so we both tried to cuddle, comfort and get him off to sleep. By 8.15pm there was no other option but to give him Teddy absolutely sapping wet.

comforters teddy baby attached

Teddy is abused daily. He’s been stitched up three times in the past month and he’s missing an eye. Frankie is always creating little holes and de-fluffing the poor little dude too. I actually don’t know how Teddy has survived the past year, and how he still looks so good is beyond me.

comforters teddy baby attached

Between Bubbles the blanket and Teddy the bear my heart is broken. I really need to find a spare Teddy for Frankie. I had nightmares last night about losing Bubbles and Teddy, they ran off together never to be found again. If that actually happened my kids would probably NEVER ever sleep again.

Does your little one have a comforter? Would you be lost without it?

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  1. Lily had a teddy too, we seriously lost it 3 times times.i know you can “loss” it all the time round the house,the car,at relatives etc.but on these occassions we were out and I thought we really lost it. Last time was in Primark. ..we didn’t notice until we got to the,standing with 2 wee ones in a double buggie in total despair-instructing my sister and mum on the recent route and where they might need to look.They all went their ways and came back with nothing.I began to cry,i couldnt go home..its not that i didnt want to..i COULD’NT go home without the one thing that settles my child at all times. I had to find it for me,for her and for my bloody sanity.I then went myself,looking in other buggies as I walked just in case someone had taken a shine to him…like a psycho….I eventually got him in Primark. .. I cried again….exhausted and emotionally drained I handed him to my wee girl who was totally oblivious to the nightmare that had unfolded for me…what it is to be a mum,eh?
    We also had a washing incident when she was about 1 1/2 yrs old. ..her teddy was in the machine and she refused to move from it . I came in at one point to find her head in one hand crying and the other splayed across the window of the machine.God forgive me for laughing to myself but I swear to god it was like a scene out of…

  2. My daughter doesn’t have one yet but I suspect it’s only a matter of time! I still have mine from when I was young, a bunny named Betsy. She’s had a very hard life! Sewn up, buried in the garden and had her bum singed on the fire (both courtesy of my younger brother), generally crushed under me every night for years… She still gets pride of place on my dressing table though 🙂

  3. Oh no, what a nightmare. I have been really lucky that Zach has absolutely no emotional attachment to anything that requires it to constantly be there. I have often wished that he would have an attachment but after reading tis I am happy that he doesn’t hehe! I hope you find an alternative! Thanks for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday

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