On Sunday afternoon we invited Nessa Robinson, a lifestyle and portrait photographer from Dublin into our home to capture some newborn photos of Kadie.

Ideally these kind of shoots are recommended for babies between 6-10 days old. Kadie is six weeks old and alot more active and alert than a squishy week old baby so I’m amazed how stunning the photo’s turned out.

One of the things I loved about the newborn shoot was that Nessa comes to your home. It took away the stress of heading to a studio with the kids, something that can be very overwhelming and the main reason why I have never had newborn portraits done before.


Nessa was so gentle with Kadie, treating her as if she was her own. So when Kadie was getting tired Nessa completely respected my wishes to let her settle in  her Cradle ‘n Swing. Once she had drifted off we continued the shoot and she captured this incredible photo of her. Isn’t it stunning?


The shoot was 2.5 hours long and it was done in our kitchen, one of the brightest rooms in the house and she brought along a heater so the room was snug at all times for Kadie. Nessa was armed with loads of different props, all freshly washed too.


Having since seen these heavenly images I’m gutted I have no professional newborn portraits of the other babogs. They’ll be throwing out all sorts of favouritism’s when they’re older.


We also got some pictures of the kids and a family portrait. This is our first ever family photo as five. I love how natural and playful it is, she really captured a beautiful and relaxed moment.


When Nessa mentioned to Kayla that she could get a couple of photo’s too she dashed upstairs to put her favourite dress up costume on and followed the camera like there was no tomorrow.


I have no descent photo’s of Frankie lately because as soon as he see’s a camera he shakes his head and walks the other direction these days. This one is amazing and one of my favourites. My little browned eyed boy. I’ve been threatening to cut away his curls but there’s not a chance now, how adorable are they?


Nessa was so professional, and as you can see her work is amazing. If you’re looking to book a photographer to capture precious moment I’d highly recommend her. I will without a shadow of a doubt have her back in my home capturing more of those little moments when she’s a little older.

If you would like to check out some more of Nessa’s work or to book your own newborn shoot check out her website www.nessarobinson.com or follow her on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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  1. They’re fabulous, looks like an amazing experience. So nice to have when they’re bigger (and I’d say Kaylas dress up shots will get rid of any favouritism comments!). Wish I had done something like this with our fella, he’s now got Frankies attitude of walking off!

  2. Fabulous photos! I got some done when BattleKid was 5 months old as I was in no shape to do them myself and I’m so glad I did as it was another 4 months before I took my camera out.
    And I love Frankie’s curls, they remind me of how BattleKid’s started. I’m definitely not cutting them off just yet, they’re staying!

  3. I really wanted to get this done, but as you describe, the thoughts of leaving the house to go somewhere with her for photography just wasnt going to happen. Love that Nessa came to your house and captured you in your natural environment. The pod photo is to die for! So special. If we have more, I wonder does Nessa travel?! 🙂

  4. Beautiful photos. I had some done of my little boy when he was about two weeks old but sadly the lady who did them disappeared off the radar. Luckily I hadn’t handed any money over as she was a friend but even being a friend she didn’t respond to my messages when I asked her about them and I haven’t heard from her since. Such a shame because I think they would have been lovely. I’m glad you got to see your ones though because they really are stunning. The photographer did a fantastic job.

  5. Awww those are absolutely gorgeous! What a fantastic thing to have done. I can’t believe your actually making me feel broody when I’m sat here with my 5 month old on my lap!

  6. Sounds like a great experience. These pictures are so adorable. It must be much more relaxing having it done at home x

  7. YOu have stunning children and I LOVE the photographs!! So beautiful! I always regret not doing a newborn photoshootxx Lovely keepsakes to have alwaysxx

  8. These photos are stunning! I adore the one wrapped up in the blanket & the little feet. What a fantastic idea to have the photographer come to your home! x

  9. The photos are beautiful! I love family portrait one and the feet one! It’s great the photographer came to your house, saved getting everyone out of the house for a certain time and I think the kids were probably a lot more relaxed. Precious photos to treasure forever. 🙂 xx

  10. Beautiful pictures it is always a great idea to document your children’s lives to give them memories for when they are older. I don’t have many photos of me growing up and I always wish I had more.

  11. Ahh these are fab…. I love that she comes to your house, what a great idea. We have just recently had some photos done at my sons nursery of the 2 of them, I am really hoping they are good as we haven’t had any professional photos done of either of them! Thanks for linking up to the #bestandworst 🙂 x

  12. These are gorgeous, it’s something I have to admit I regret not getting with my two ladies, they grow up so quickly! Frankie is a dote, they all are so cute, you should be very proud!!!

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