Today our Adventures of Eire series continued with a stop off at Messy Monkeys in Mounttown Community Facilities in Dun Laoghaire. The five-year-old and I signed up for their once off Halloween themed Messy Science Session. We’re huge fans of Messy Monkeys so when I saw this session pop up in my newsfeeds I had to book it for her. We were familiar with Messy Monkeys having attended a SpatterDay class with Frankie earlier in the year.

Messy Monkeys is a place for babies, toddlers and kids up to the age of 6 to get creative, messy and use their imaginations.

messy monkey halloweenmessy science potion slime

The room is spacious and there was six messy play area’s for the kids all aged 4-6. Straight away Kayla got stuck in at the wall painting messy play area. It was full of paint, brushes, rollers, and paint sprays. Lucy the owner got the kids to make handprint ghosts then spray them away with ‘sunshine-spray’. She made Zombie footprints, painted her toenails black and loved the freedom of doing what she wanted without giving me heart failure.

messy monkey halloweenmessy science potion slime

There was a big bucket of flour (can’t remember what that represented) which was capsized by one of the kids and they rolled, jumped and danced in it to their heart’s content. Lucy had some sort of crystal like gel substance in a large tray with apples and lots of different tools. There was also a section with some clay and craft pieces to make your own little spOoky spider that the kids got to bring them home.

messy monkey halloweenmessy science potion slime

She loved the freedom to explore each of the six different messy activities. The witches cauldron was very creepy, full of gooey slime and spiders. Kayla wasn’t too fond of the gloopy wet texture at all, she said it was ‘like snots or something’, so she went back over to make some lotions and potions.

messy monkey halloweenmessy science potion slime

She spent the guts of the hour making a spider repellent with troll snots, fairy dust, and cobwebs. If she moved onto another messy play area you were guaranteed she would come back here to make more. It was super messy, all I kept thinking was thank god I don’t have to clean it!

messy monkey halloweenmessy science potion slime

It’s very well organised, there’s a lovely friendly atmosphere and Kayla enjoyed every second of it. There were warm buckets of water supplied (and towels if you forget yours, like me) at the end to clean up the kids. The session cost €15 for the hour and it was worth every single penny.

Check out messy-monkeys for more info.

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