We’ve two under two, both in nappies and we go through them like there’s no tomorrow. Having recently been introduced to world of cloth I decided to give it a go. And they’re not what you’d imagine, they’ve really come a long way since the 80’s. Modern cloth nappies mirror disposables with snap or velcro fastenings and elasticated waists and legs.

bambino mio cloth nappies

I combined both cloth and disposable when we first started just to wean myself in. And as the days went by I found myself reaching for cloth quicker. We use all-in-ones, personally I find them less work than  the two piece nappies. I will admit I wasn’t looking forward to the poonamies when we first started either, the boy to be specific, he eats all sorts (I only caught him nibbling on a dog treat this morning). So I used Bambino Mio biodegradable mioliners as they are designed to retain solids to help reduce soiling of the nappy. And they worked a treat, they’re flushable so I just pop it in the toilet when I’ve changed him.

I’ll be honest Joe isn’t fond of them. If he happens to change a bum and I’m not around, he will put a disposable on for his own convenience. But he is warming up to the idea though. Our wheelie bin normally goes out every two weeks and in the past six weeks it’s only went out once. We’ve had less leaks in the our all-in-one cloth nappies compared to disposables and there’s no more panicking late in the evening that we’ve no disposables left.

kosy baby organic cotton bandana bib

Cloth nappies stay neat and secure at all times. They don’t have an chemically odour when wet unlike highly perfumed disposables. And although cloth nappies are bulkier than a disposable the little mans nappy doesn’t sag when it needs changing. And you cannot deny new and improved cloth nappies look super adorable on their squishy little bottoms.


A majority of the time I put a full load on a 60° with my normal non-bio powder. And if I’ve only wet nappies I’ll pop them on a normal 30° with a bit of antibacterial laundry cleanser. We don’t have a tumble dryer so I just pop them on the clothes horse or radiators if the heating is on before I go to bed and they’re dry by morning. I’ve worked out that an average wash is my house costs 26c, the price of three/four disposable nappies (depending on size).

bambino mio cloth nappies

If you had of asked me  a couple of years ago about my thoughts on cloth nappies I would have laughed at you but I’ve seen the benefits first hand. I genuinely never thought I would feel so passionate about using cloth nappies and our environment. Although the upfront cost to build your kit can be expensive you will save some money long term and you’ll prevent thousands of nappies going to the dump in the long run.

If you’re considering converting to cloth, think about it this way – If you used one cloth nappy costing €20 every day for a full year you’d make your money back after three months and you’d also save 365 used nappies going to the dump too. In less than two months we’ve saved 332 disposable nappies going in the bin between the two kids.

This is a collaboration with Bambino Mio

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  1. I might have to share this with my friends who have babies. I like the idea of this though and they are clearly more environmentally friendly. Informative post.

  2. We didn’t use cloth first time round, I maybe tempted if we have another. I like the look of them and the landfill saving is a definite advantage! Its amazing that in 2 months you have saved 332 nappies! I guess its just a matter of giving it ago! Plus I like the less leaks option! xx

  3. I used cloth nappies when I had my twins, I used disposable ones with my son previously so was a little scare by the thought of using cloth. However the cost and mess really made me want to try the cloth. I never went back to disposable ones!

  4. When you do the math, switching to cloth nappies makes a huge difference! That’s great you can wash them at home & I really love the different colors! x

  5. It is amazing how much different cloth nappies are today than when I was small. My mum used cloth nappies for all 4 of us and I remember how long it took to wash them, get them dry so there was always clean x

  6. I really wish we had of tried Cloth nappies they are really great these days. We used disposables with my eldest so just went for them again with little j

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