So she’s finally registered, only took us 7 weeks to do it. If you ever have a baby at home request the paramedics report when you’re calling the ambulance. It was a nightmare trying to get our hands on it.

She’s a little horse, she skulls 6 ounces every three hours. Except for last night when she only woke up ONCE! Yah! She’s slowly morphing into her brother and no longer the image of Kayla, she’s cooing and smiling and following us everywhere with her eyes. She growing like there is no tomorrow and will be in 3-6 months in no time. She’s got grey eyes and we haven’t a clue where she got them from, I’ve blue and he’s greeny-brown. She has a ‘niggly hour’ as you would say. Earlier in the week we had an awful time of it in the evenings, it was very stressful for all of us. The poor thing was very unsettled. She wasn’t hungry, she didn’t have wind, or want a cuddle, she was just completely out of sorts. I think it may have passed now and I’m praying to god it doesn’t return.

We’ve introduced an imaginary red line in front of Kadie’s swing for when she’s sleeping. Kayla is not to pass this line when her sister is sleeping. She’s obsessed with her and it’s getting worse as the days go by. It doesn’t actually work, she still hangs out of her.

We had a school open day last week. I was half an hour late and I swear I didn’t forget, I just got the times wrong. I got to check out her classroom and I tried to memorize every small detail that she could possibly question me about. She sits right up beside the teacher, most likely cause she doesn’t shut-up, she’s a gob on her like her mother. I found this picture she drew assuming it was her dad, his girlfriend and her little brother and I took a photo to show him. But I said it to her the next day and she laughed at me. If you squint really hard you’ll see Kadie. When I left the school I started walking home and half way I remembered I had driven. I did this cool swag kind of turn so nobody would notice but like a gobshite I announced it on my Facebook page.

Talking about school Kadie loves nothing more than to wake up ten minutes before we’ve to leave for the school run. I’ve tried feeding her a little earlier but she ends up unsettled so it’s just not worth it. So now I introduce you to the ‘drop and run’. I drive to the school that’s no more than a few minutes away and drop the kid off and tell her to run. When I see her pass the big glass windows upstairs in her school I race home before she starts screaming the car down.

My baby brain is getting a little worse. I put Kayla’s coat on the Frankie today. I tried to put the kettle in the dishwasher and I put a cloth nappy in the wheelie bin.

And we’re still in hibernation. I’ve yet to go shopping or the park with all three on my own and if I’m honest I don’t see it ever happening ever. I rarely get dressed and if I do happen to get a shower I get back in clean pj’s or a track suit. We’re eating less waffles and beans, we’re watching less TV and we’re finally finding ourselves and a creating a little routine.

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  1. What a cutie! I don’t blame you for staying in your pjs, I’m doing the same thing today and my little girl is 3! Lol. Also my baby brain has only just started fading so you can use that card for a long time yet 😉 x

  2. Those new born days are definitely for pjs and hibernating! Like the idea of the imaginary red line that can’t be crossed 🙂 I’m 12 months down the line and still have baby brain haha

  3. Aw bless you, you need to get some rest hun you are doing so well but you need to take some time out for yourself x A PJ day is perfect to get rid of ‘baby brain’.

  4. What a lovely update, you know don’t beat yourself up for forgetting you took the car, think it could of been worse, you could of forgot the baby 😉
    Loving their names, I hope they will best friends of the future bless them.

  5. Ah what a cutie & such a great eater! It’s not easy to build a routine at such a young age, well done you! My baby brain is permanent I think at this stage lol x

  6. Oh the joys of baby brain… I took my six weeks old son and daughter out this morning and when I arrived back home I had a post’it note on my back door from my health visitor… I completely forgot she was coming over!!!! xxx

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