Isn’t it magical how our bodies create tiny life. However in return we succumb many obstacles. Obstacles I will not miss. Here’s a list of things I will NOT miss about being pregnant:


Heartburn. I hate you. That is all.

Granny pants. Let’s be real, comfy pants is the only way forward throughout pregnancy. Goodbye and good riddens!!

Having to pee ALL THE TIME! Waking up on the hour every hour in the last trimester to trickle no more than a teaspoon. Oh and having someone constantly sitting on my bladder, I definitely won’t miss that. Or peeing myself when I laugh. Peeing myself when I sneeze. And peeing myself when I cough.

Cravings at silly-o-clock. Maybe the other-half won’t miss this one either.

Not being able kiss my kids goodnight without the fear of falling on them and suffocating them.

Waddling. How attractive did I look?

Not being able to sleep on my belly. Twisting and turning all night to try and get comfortable, only to be disturbed by a toilet run.

Emotional outbursts for no apparent reason. I cried at every advert that had a cooing baby.

Insomnia. Mother Natures way of preparing us for the next eighteen year of sleepless nights.

Pregnancy brain. Although that has been replaced by baby brain.

And finally I won’t miss having to watch all the fun from the side line. It was so frustrating this summer not being able to take part or being exhausted during our little adventures.

Is there anything you don’t/won’t miss about pregnancy?

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  1. I don’t think my baby brain has fully worn off lol Definitely don’t miss the waddling, peeing & heartburn. I used to drink Gaviscon right from the bottom lol x

  2. Heartburn, acid indigestion and the constant need to wee oh and thrush, yup won’t miss that one (thanks little lady!). Haha, great post and thanks for linking up 🙂 see you again! x

  3. Thankfully I didn’t suffer much. Apart from putting on A LOT of weight, and then struggling to lose it afterwards (oh, yes 4 years later, still at that weight!). But it also started my snoring. My OH wasn’t/isn’t happy.

  4. When I had big J I had morning sickness although mine was all day sickness for the duration of my pregnancy. I felt so ill all the time – definitely don’t miss that

  5. Oh Kellie, I was nodding all the way through this but I can’t be hard on the granny pants, I love the comfort 😉 The hearburn and insomnia though, well they can just eff off! 🙂

  6. I miss being pregnant!! Ah no but I do not miss the heartburn and also I sleep on my tummy usually so I find it annoying sleeping on my side for so many months!

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