Clear Blue has confirmed it. The morning sickness probably gave it away. Here’s some more signs and symptoms of pregnancy if the bump isn’t an obvious giveaway. If you’re pregnant you might want to pee or get a snack first, though….


You Know You’re Pregnant….

When you find yourself constantly rubbing your belly.

When you can away with rubbing your belly in public without looking like you’re hungry.

When you laugh so hard you pee yourself. Or pray you don’t.

When you can cut in line to use the toilet.

When you can eat other people’s food without being forked.

When you eat strange food combos.

When your ‘innie’ becomes an ‘outie’.

When you can wake your partner at silly-o-clock for a food craving run.

When you hog the whole bed.

When you kick your partner out of the bed.

When you fantasize about sleeping more than one hour at a time.

When you live in leggings, jog pants or pyjama’s.

When your bladder feels like someone is dancing on it 24/7.

When people give up their seat for you on a bus.

When your belly doubles as a TV tray or coaster.

When bra shopping is the hardest shopping trip of your life.

When there is something constantly in your ribs.

When your bath towel no longer fits around your body.

When you begin to slack on self-grooming.

When you want to eat everything in the house.

When you can no longer paint your own toe-nails.

When every baby advert on T.V makes you a hormonal wreck.

When you could burst into tears at any second for unknown reasons.

When you drop something and couldn’t care less how important it is and ignore it.

When you turn sideways every time you pass a mirror to catch a glimpse of your every growing bump.

When you’re eating for two.

When you waddle but like to think it’s the pregnancy swag.

When people point at your belly and guess what your baby is going to be (because they have super x-ray vision).

When you take mid-morning, afternoon and/or evening naps.

When everyone asks you how you’re feeling every time they see you.

When you can no longer see your toes.

When you’re bed, the sofa, a pillow or anything comfy becomes your BFF.

When the last month of pregnancy is 8463834745362394 days long.

When you can’t sit longer for 10 minutes without getting agitated.

When you have to pee ALL THE TIME.

When you don’t have to suck in your belly.

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15 Comments on You Know You’re Pregnant When…

  1. Haha oh yes I can pretty much tick all of these! Do you know what, I was heavily pregnant and desperate for the loo but I went into my local M&S and there was a huge queue and NOONE offered for me to jump the queue even though I was about to pee myself and was clearly ready to give birth. Great post 🙂

  2. Not sucking your belly in has got to be one of the best things about being preggers! 🙂 My belly button never became an outie though, I feel cheated x

  3. I loved being able to rub my tummy – magical moments. Any other time (such as when not pregnant), that would have just been looked as weird. When pregnant, you get lovely smiles from other mums for doing it.

  4. I used to love rubbing my belly when I was pregnant with little J. Its such a lovely feeling and yes I was a leggings girl too 🙂

  5. Loved reading this, I have 3 little cuties and loved being pregnant! I remember when I was heavily pregnant with baby Jack I went to town and was getting so many odd looks and I thought to myself they must have never seen a pregnant woman before. When I got home and eventually took off my shoes I realised I had a red and a black shoe! Two different colored shoes! The SHAME – i blame my huge belly for stopping me seeing it lol!

  6. I cried all of the time when I was pregnant, it was awful! I used to obsessively watch one born every minute & cry every time a baby was born. It’s madness! Everyone asking how you are everything they see you is a big one too! x

  7. So true, great post! I still like in leggings, joggers or pyjamas, since becoming a Mother I’ve decided comfort trumps all else. My belly button never become and outty, just less of an inny x

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