It can be so stressful trying to wiggle a carseat from your car due to ignorant drivers parking too close. I was forever struggling to get Frankie in and out of the car, never mind the added frustration with my ever growing bump. So I was delighted to win a CarKid sticker on Twitter a couple of weeks ago.


When I shared this photo on my Facebook page last week it got some mixed reviews. Some said that people would just ignore it whilst other thought it was genius. I’m with the genius, I think it’s brilliant. Of course there is going to be ignorant people like those who park in mother and baby spots without a toddler in sight, just like those highly uneducated people who park in disability spots who do not hold a permit.


I’ve had nothing but a positive experience with my stickers so far. I’ve yet to reverse to put the kids in the car or had to hop over the passenger seat just to get into my car (and that’s not easy at 39 weeks pregnant). People do have a guilty conscience. With thanks to CarKid and my awareness stickers I may avoid future car park rage.

CARKID Pregnant driver no print marks (1) have given me CarKid stickers to GIVEAWAY to three My Little Babog readers.

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Competition closes August 21st at 9pm. Winner will be notified by email and announced on My Little Babog Facebook page. Giveaway is open to residents of Ireland and UK only. Part of this giveaway is hosted on Facebook but is not endorsed by Facebook. All opinions are my own.

58 Comments on Win 1 of 3 CarKid Carseat/Pregnancy Car Stickers

  1. I’d love both of these. Really annoying when left with mere inches to try get a toddler and a bump into the car!!

  2. Fab idea! I’ve watched friends struggle with these problems and they might help me avoid them 🙂 starting to struggle through narrow gaps!

  3. wow would love one of these as my lil one struggles sometimes to get out off the car (shes 6) and it frustrates her

  4. Would absolutely love this! Such a great idea… Don’t know how many times I’ve had to squeeze through to try get my LO out of their car seat, even though you can clearly see theres a car seat in the back people still park too close. This sticker would definetly come in handy 🙂

  5. Great idea. Some people have cop on the leave space and others have no idea. My mum had to get a special big blue a4 sign made up to put on the car window so people would leave enough space for her to get my granny out when she parked in the wheelchair spots and that was in addition to already having a blue wheelchair pass!

  6. Thank good for sites like this to highlight things that would never enter my head until it was too late. Would love these.

  7. These are great. Only last week we were parked in a parent child space. There were loads of them and loads of empty ones around us, When we got back to the car some big eejit had parked in a space next to us, over the lines and right alongside our car. Himself had to reverse the car out and move to another space to put the toddler in. We couldn’t do it from the other side because of the other car seat. Now imagine that was a parent on their own, they’d have been rightly fecked. It drives me bloody mad! I’ll stop ranting now lol!

  8. Never seen these before they are fantastic! When I was pregnant, 3 times at work I had to get a colleague to reverse my car out of the space so that I could get in – ridiculous!
    And now Lyla is here I’ve once had to reverse the car 1st before putting her in. These would really come in handy and are a fab idea.

  9. I am 32 weeks pregnant and very big! Someone parked their car too close to my side of the door and i had to get in my car the opposite side and slide across very difficult and painful with SPD. Argh wish i had one of these stickers.

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