So I’m still pregnant. I’m 39 weeks today, it’s my third pregnancy and I’ve never been 39 weeks pregnant – never mind with two kids. They have me worn out.


Twice this week the kids had beans on toast/waffles for dinner. Not that they were complaining because it was too warm for a big meal but I just don’t have the energy to be cooking anything. I’ve served Joe a curry, a pot noodle and a rasher sambo for dinner this week too. He’s lucky he got anything really. He referred to my pregnancy as a condition this week. I asked for a back rub earlier and after three minutes his hand was sore. Oh and he also told me today I was too pregnant to go swimming so I might just drown him in cold water when he sleeps tonight. Pregnancy hormones will forgive me.

I haven’t lifted the hoover nor done any washing apart from Frankie’s cloth nappies. So there’s no nesting going on this week. I’ve half considered getting a cleaner in to give the kitchen and bathroom a good scrub. The only time the bathroom floor has been cleaned the past month is wiping up the bath water from Frankie’s splash-splash. He absolutely destroys the place.

I had an antenatal appointment on Wednesday and begged for a sweep and although I was highly favourable my platelets have dropped so my risk of bleeding after it and during labour is higher than the average. An epidural is out of the question and god forbid there are any complications I’ll have a spinal tap to have a caesarean-section. My obstetrician told me she will most likely book me in for an induction on Wednesday due to my low platelets, something I really don’t want to happen so I’ve never wanted my waters to break so much in my life. I’ve yet to hear a positive induction story.

I’ve finally accepted nothing naturally induces labour. No amount of pineapple, curry or raspberry leaf tea induces labour. No amount of sex, squatting, walking sidewards on the stairs induces labour. No amount of rotating on a birthing ball or replicating labour inducing Youtube video’s with the five-year-old induces labour. Baby will come when she’s ready. I’m just too bloody impatient and want to meet her, smell her, hold her.

This one is short but hopefully it will be my last pregnancy update and my next post will be a birth announcement, oh the excitement!

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  1. I was induced and it was as good as it can be, 12 hours in hospital and bubs arrived. Was in 2.5 hours before 1st gel then 4.5 hours broke waters about 3 hrs including epidural my gorgeous girl arrived so much better than little man not half as many complications. I think as with anything all online posts ormostof are negative experiences.

    • That was quick Amanda, I hope for something on the lines of yourself or quicker haha. That’s the problem online there is so much negativity and rarely positive experiences shared nowadays. Since writing this post I’ve heard so many induction stories that have settled my nerves a bit. Thank you for sharing xx

  2. I think being induced gets a lot of bad press.I was induced with my first baby after 11 days overdue.I had a friend ringing me on way to hospital saying how awful it was n not to do it without labour was 5 hours start to finish,no epidural n 9lb 7oz baby..I’ve had much worse experiences at the dentist!!you have had two natural births you will be fine!! X x

    • It does Rachel, anyone prior to writing this post had only negative things to say about being induced. Suppose I’m glad I’ve mentioned it now because the positive stories are settling the nerves for Wednesday. 5 hours is amazing! Not fond of the dentist myself either lol, and thank you 🙂 xx

  3. How exiting to be so close, can’t wait for the birth announcement! You will be absolutely fine, induced or not! Will say that I did not find any ways of getting my girl hurrying up with any of the wifes tales either, and at 8 days past I think I could have ticked most off them of the list! What actually did it for me less than a day before my booked inducement was my hubby walking stright into my belly by a accident… water broke right there and then in the pharmacy.. I suppose sometimes we all need a little push!

  4. I was induced on my last at 14days over (after going myself at 38+2 on my first). It was a fabulous labour! One dose of gel set things off. It was 5hrs from gel to baby. Also went from 3cm to delivering in 37mins (my first was 11hrs)! I’m hoping I get induced on this one too. If I make it to 40weeks I probably will be because they don’t want baby getting too big. My last was 10lb 10oz.

    • Oh Anna, how lovely to hear. I’ve had quick labours too so I would love to follow suit. I suppose I’m nervous regardless but thatnk you for sharing your positive induction sorry. It has settled the nerves somewhat. Only a couple days to go before I meet her. Best of luck with your pregnancy too 🙂

  5. So excited for you and your family. Best of luck with everything and I can’t wait to hear the news when it comes xx

  6. Ah bless you, really hope this little one doesn’t keep you waiting too much later… or sounds like your husband may be murdered!! Thanks for linking with #MaternityMondays

  7. Ahh I am so looking forward to your birth announcement!! Hopefully all will be fin, I have escaped induction twice so hoping that the same will be for you 🙂 Good luck!


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