What a week it has been. My poor mammy spent a few days in hospital with a really bad kidney infection and her bloods were all over the place. She’s normally only a phone call or five-minute drive away or she can be found in my house helping with the kids so it’s been hectic with the other half working 12 hour shifts. It made me realise how much I actually depend on her and take her for granted. She does so much for me, I’m lost without her this week.


I’m having lots of Braxton Hicks contractions, they’re getting more frequent and very intense and I’ve been getting the odd period like cramp too. My labour on Kayla started as mild cramping so I’m getting a little excited, little miss might make an early appearance. I kind of hope she does cause doctors say she my biggest baby yet and I’m use to little six pounders.

I’m getting random cravings now. The other night I had a taste for a bowl of Frosties, it was 11pm and the other half was snug as a bug in bed. I raided the presses, fridge and freezer and nothing satisfied me so I did what any pregnant woman would do and woke him up to go get me some. They were the nicest bowl of Frosties I’ve had in my life. I’m also milling packs of Silvermints, bacon and chilli heat wave Doritos, not together though!

Baby is sitting on my bladder and no amount of poking will move her and I can be found loitering around the toilet because I’m weeing every two minutes. Her feet have a constant presence in my ribs and when I get up her bum sticks out of my bump, it’s so creepy.

My platelets are on the rise which is unusual for me at this stage in pregnancy so I’m feeling really positive, they’re currently 91 and I’ve had no nose or gum bleeds this week either. I’m taking extra iron now as advised by my midwife too. I’ve made it 37 weeks without the appearance of any stretch marks so I’ve struck pregnancy gold for the third time. I’ve great elasticity in my skin but my bump gets really itchy if I don’t moisturizer properly. My belly button has a mind of it’s own, it’s sticks out depending on what way baby is lying. Frankie got a little freaked at my bump moving the other night, his reaction was priceless!


I’m chasing him round like a mad thing. He’s at the climbing stage and thinks he’s hilarious diving from the back of the sofa. So my back is aching come bedtime. It’s pointless asking the other half for a back rub, he’s has welts on his hands as big as the Sugar Loaf, his doesn’t massage, he exfoliates!

Fellow blogger Mind The Baby recommended a heat pack to help ease the pain. She also gave me a great tip on how to make your own. An old large sock, some Uncle Ben’s rice and a couple of drops of essential oil, pop it into the microwave for a minute and it’s ready. I’ve been using Essencia Sweet Dreams in mine, it’s a blend of oils that helps promote relaxation, sleep and ease anxiety. It smells divine, it’s one of my pregnancy must haves and the heat pack has been working a treat on my back.

We took a trip to Glenroe Farm this week and the kids had a ball. I’m taking advantage of the little time we have left because I plan on hibernating once little miss arrives. We’ve everything prepared now, so it’s just a waiting game. So aside from the back pain, cravings and missing my mammy it’s been a really good week. The big kid is off on her holidays with her daddy so it’s just me and the baby. He’s going to drive me insane so god only knows how this week will go.

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  1. Best of luck with the week ahead – I am so jealous of your stretch mark free pregnancy; I turned into a tiger at the 6 month mark, no amount of Bio Oil could save me! Getting so close now, exciting!

  2. Aww….sounds so exciting! Except for your very understanding OH having to go get Frosties! Sure it’s part of his ‘job’ during pregnancy, isn’t it?!
    The very best of luck…. xx

  3. Ooh sounds like it may not be too long now! Glad you got the advce of a heat pack, definitely a pregnancy must have for me!

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