I’m counting down the days till Little Miss arrives. I’m so over this pregnancy. I want my body back now. The other half wants his bed back. There’s no food in the house because I’m eating everything and I’m over the stairs, they laugh at me every time.


In less than seven hours this will be my longest pregnancy ever. Kayla arrived just over three weeks early, while Frankie was two weeks early so I had hoped little miss would make an early appearance too but NO she teases me every single evening with cramps and Hicks and if my bump drops any more she’d be waving at us.

Kayla is away on her holidays with her daddy and she won’t be back until Sunday – unless I have the baby, as she will be the first to meet her apart from Joe and I. After all she is the one who’ll be officially naming her. I’ve half considered getting into the car and driving down to her cause I miss her so much but then I realise how quick I labour and how far I’d be away from the hospital so yeah I won’t be kidnapping her.  Frankie and I have pretty much done nothing but showered and got into comfy pj’s everyday. The only fresh air we got yesterday was opening the door to the post man and delivery guys.

Little Misses feet have a constant present in my ribs and it bloody hurts. No amount of stretching, bouncing or poking will move her. She’s very active, just like her brother so I think she’s preparing for the tag team they will have in time to come.

Frankie is preparing us for night feeds. He’s woke up every single night this week for the craic. There is absolutely nothing wrong with him, he just wants to play – at like 2am. I had to send daddy back to bed the other night cause I’m pretty sure he wasn’t far from throwing him out the window. He’s working overtime in hope of getting an extra day or two off when she arrives so he does be shattered. Paternity leave in Ireland sucks. His boss has kindly offered one day off so he’ll be using up his holidays to be there when Little Miss comes home.

The heartburn at present is horrendous but then again my poor eating habits haven’t helped. I’m picking at everything. I’m on a see food, eat food diet. I demolished a pack of biscuits with two cups of tea earlier while Frankie wasn’t looking. Pot noodles, bacon sambo’s and yogurt with granola are always on the menu. I suppose the yogurt is natural so that’s good right?

So I’ve been walking side-wards on the stairs. I’ve been eating pineapple and curries and I’ve drinking raspberry leaf tea. But the fact is, Little Miss is not ready. In fairness she doesn’t have a calendar and there is always the fact she is not actually due for another two weeks but I can hope right?

So baby this is your first warning, you have been evicted, please leave the premises.

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  1. Best of luck. Number 3 was born here at 38 +2 so once I hit that stage with number 4, I felt overdue. I was demonic. She arrived three days afterwards, two of those days, I was no fun to be around. I bet she is waiting for her sister, Sunday!

  2. Oh gosh I do feel for you! I had all of this and a heat wave with my first. Good luck x

  3. Oh I’m sorry but the line about her waving made me giggle!! Mine were 14 days and 3 days late and it is soooo frustrating waiting, especially when you are so uncomfy. Hope to see your BA very soon! #bestandworst

  4. Eek, hopefully not long now. I was miserable at the end of my 2nd pregnancy, heartburn, thrush, uncomfy etc etc the list goes on and as my due date approached I knew I’d go overdue! I did only go over by 3 days this time I hope that you’re not waiting too long for the arrival of new baba 🙂 Thanks for linking a lovely post up to the #bestandworst hope you’ll pop along again!

  5. Love that photo! My daughter has been up a lot every night this week too. I wonder if that’s what she’s doing? Good luck with everything! Looking forward to seeing your new addition! Thanks for linking up to #shareasmile xx

  6. oo no i feel your pain lol. My son was a week late and I was so uncomfortable . In the end they had to kick start me to make him get a move on. My daughter was a day early so you never know do you. Anyway hope baby arrives soon

  7. Fingers crossed she will be here soon, when she’s ready! I know it’s hard to wait. But you’ll be so pleased to meet her! Hoping for a quick delivery for you. 🙂 x

  8. It always seems like the last month of pregnancy is just almost unbearable. I was so miserable and miserable to everyone around me. At first we are like “I want a baby in my belly”…by the end we are “get the f**k out of my belly”! Here’s hoping that everything is smooth sailing for you and the little one coming into the world! Thank you for linking with #momsterslink.

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