Co-parenting can suck! My sugar-plum fairy is on her holidays with her daddy seven days now. So that’s seven whole days since I last seen her. And it will be another two before I can squeeze her little face again. I talk to her pretty much everyday on the phone but in fairness our phone calls consist of her asking me what ‘surprises’ have arrived in the post for her and then her telling me ‘i’ll let you go now’ like she has better things to be doing.

Even though she’s less than an hour away I miss her dreadful. She’s having a ball, she has the freedom to play and explore. She’s going on loads of adventures and making amazing memories with her extended family for years to come.

The house is so quiet, like super quiet, I miss her squeaky little voice, her demands, and I miss her midnight cuddles. Even with Frankie here, the house is so lonely during the day. Painting, cooking, bath time and play in general just isn’t the same.

Frankie is lost without her, he’s wobbling around the house calling her name. He hasn’t a clue where she’s gone. He’s loitering around her bedroom, chewing her teddy (don’t tell her that, there’ll be murder) and cuddling up on her leaba. If I mention her name he smiles and looks to the door. Today when she rang to say hello and he sobbed when she started talking. He is genuinely missing her, it just shows the beautiful bond they have together.

A downside of her not here is having to get my own nappies, wipes, soothers, bottles etc. Frankie doesn’t get the whole I’ll count and see how quick you are because he’s one, but he did get the remote for me this morning. In fairness I’ve been able to get plenty of rest and quality one-on-one time with little man so it’s not all bad. And we managed to do up her bedroom today so she’ll have loads to look forward to coming home on Sunday.

So it’s only two more sleeps, probably the longest two sleeps but yeah she’s never going away for nine days ever again!

Image credit Berit Alits during our Day in Family Life shoot.

9 Comments on Missing Little Miss

  1. Oh bless! I would feel the same too! But my eldest’s Dad would never take her for that long. I struggle sometimes for him to have her an extra night! He will never take her on his work holidays unless I beg him! He has her one night a week. But I have forced him to have her one weekend for one night, next weekend for 2 nights on the weekend just throughout the summer holidays because she keeps getting upset wanting more nights there! It really is a shame. She is going abroad next year with her Dad, his partner and their daughter {her other sister}. Will be the longest time she will have ever been with him. I’m so nervous. xxx

  2. I can’t imagine myself or my kids being away from me for that long… I know how it feels when one kid is not at home as I’ve noticed that too when my little man goes to Nursery, even for only 2.5hrs but home feels so empty and lonely. Great post! #SundayStars

  3. Awe, Not long till she’ll be back. Its times like this that i realise how good i have it that Agent M’s biological dad wants nothing to do with us. I would be having a nervous breakdown the entire time he was with him. Just imagine all the kisses and cuddles that you’ll get when she’s home 🙂


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