Meet Kadie Belle, born on the 20th of August at 11.22am at home weighing 7lbs 10oz. I know most of you are dying to hear how it all happened and I’ve tried to write about it but every time I take out the laptop I get very emotional. It wasn’t the birth experience I anticipated and even though she arrived safe, it was scary and I’m just not ready to start talking about it yet.


Kadie is 10 days old today. She has jaundice, and is a little refluxy but she is thriving. She has her brothers nose, her daddies feet and everything else reminds me of Kayla. She is her double, it’s shocking how alike they both are as babies.


Frankie isn’t bothered by her presence at all. He has given her the remote (he never parts with it once he gets his pudgy little hands on it), a million kisses and even tried to share a lollipop with her, so he’s cool. Kayla on the other hand is the one we have to watch. In Kayla’s eyes Kadie is a doll, her doll and she can pretty much do anything with her. She wants to be involved in everything.

On five occasions since bringing Kadie home we have found Kayla picking her up, moving her or unnecessarily feeding her. It’s scary really, we can’t let her out of our sight, not even for a second. Although what she is doing is harmless I’m terrified she might drop her so poor Kayla has spent a lot of her days in time-out, it’s either that or go bat shite crazy at her but I’m trying to remain calm and not lose the head.


Our updated Family Owl Wreath by In My Nest

If you followed my pregnancy updates you’d know I was very concerned about my platelets throughout my entire pregnancy and passing my blood condition onto her, well she got the all clear, TWICE. She had a blood tests on day one and four and her platelets are perfect. Although she didn’t pass her newborn hearing test so it will be repeated next weekend at the baby clinic. I’m not too concerned because she could have failed for numerous reasons and reacts to noises within our home.

I breastfed for the first five days, and while I had an amazing experience – the on demand feeding is very hard. I was completely worn out emotionally, physically and mentally at times. She had a fabulous latch but I couldn’t satisfy her, she was feeding on the hour, every hour. The midwives, public health nurse and all my friends and family have been so supportive and they have continued to support me since moving to formula. We’ve all been sleeping much better and getting the rest we all need.

I have a second degree tear and ALOT of stitches internally and externally so I’ve pretty much been on bed rest and hibernating as much as possible. In the past few days I’ve only began to feel like myself and yesterday I fit back into my pre-pregnancy clothes. I’m one of those lucky people who loses all the weight without doing any work. I haven’t even got a stretch mark after three babies.


Since coming home Frankie has been sporting pink soothers, Kadie’s been wearing blue bibs and Kayla pretty much fends for herself. It’s tough with three. We had a trial run on Saturday – just me and the kids. I fed them crap all morning and we watched five episodes of Alvin and the Chipmunks. At one point I fed, dressed and spent about fifteen minutes loading them into our new Out N About and it began to lash rain, like it was pissing. I cried for the guts of ten minutes on the stairs with them all just staring at me. Then an hour before daddy arrived home my mam, my dad, brother and my two friends arrived and it looked like I hadn’t lifted a finger all day. Typical!

Tomorrow Joes holidays and ONE DAY paternity leave is over. It’ll just be me and the kids. It can’t be that hard with two in nappies and on bottles, can it? I have a large bag of jellies for bribes, Netflix for peace and a large pot of Azera. We’ll be grand. I got this.

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  1. Sounds like chaos but fun! She’s a gorgeous wee girl Kellie, all your kids are though!! Best of luck with it and remember we’re all here if you need a rant or some so called grown up chat via twitter 🙂

  2. You will be grand. Been there, and it’s hard but you get a rhythm going. I do sort of hate you for pinging back though, even though you’re lovely 🙂 I looked pregnant for months! Hold your birth story close until you’re ready to share, nobody will pressurise you to share. Mind yourself.

  3. She’s really gorgeous Kellie, congrats! Go easy on yourself these first weeks, its tough with 3 and it’s hard to keep up but another few weeks you’ll have found your stride! I first left the house alone with all 3 at 13 days post-partum, took them to Eddie Rockets and you’d think I’d climbed Everest I was that delighted to get there! Ended up in hospital the next day with prolapsed uterus. I was doing too much way too soon! Eat crap, watch crap, feel crap now and again because you’ll soon be up and flying around with ease!

    • Oh gosh never even heard of that, very scary!! Did it take long to recover from that?
      We’re defo eating crap, haven’t cooked a proper meal since I had her. We had our first school run today, took it easy all day. The walking back and forth took the life out of me.

  4. She is gorgeous and while it seems she arrived quick it seems it wasn’t without the pain for you. Fair play to you getting all three ready for an outing so soon, I only had number 2 last December (5 year gap) and it took a good 4/5 weeks before I had the confidence to bring them both out on my own. Best of luck when daddy returns to work.

    • Thank you Amanda, it wasn’t as hard as I thought. We had the school run this morning and it went very well. The two eldest are outdoorsy kids so if I want them to sleep at night I need to get them out in the fresh air, probably the only reason I’m up and active so soon.

  5. She is gorgeous! Three is definitely a challenge but well worth it! it will be stressful and you will cry a lot from stress but it will be ok. Mine are 7,5 and 2 and there are still days I cry lol! Or hide in the closet with chocolate, that works too 😉

  6. You will have moments but it will get easier as you heal and get stronger. I’d a third degree tear on my first and no idea that is not what every post birth mother feels like, so I feel your pain.
    Take as much time to sit and as little time to care about what others might expect. Don’t forget you can always rant and wail on IPB. Best of luck.

  7. She’s beautiful, you’re beautiful. I still look pregnant and Harry is 2!! 😀 You’ll be fine, and if your not, head over to IPB and have a good cry, we understand. And don’t fret the small stuff, it’ll all be grand. And as annoying as it is to have people say it, please do rest as much as you can xxx

    • Getting the rest now that school has started. Thankfully daddy is on day shifts too, dread when he starts his nights next week, that’ll be tough. My mammy is here everyday as soon as she finishes work. Dunno what i’d do without her, very blessed. Thanks Nicola xx

  8. Congratulations, I was waiting to read your birth announcement! Sorry to read that the birth wasn’t as you hoped 🙁 Both of mine were long and not great, I had a third degree tear with the first and was horrendously traumatised by the whole thing but it does get easier, promise! Enjoy all those gorgeous new born snuggles and hope you are not in too much pain.

  9. Congratulations! She is absolutely adorable! It took me 8 months to be able to write about Bob’s birth story. That’s why I didn’t start blogging until 8 months after she was born. Love your owl wreath! xx

  10. She is beautiful! Sounds like quite a handful, but you know you will get into your own routine soon. This time will pass so quickly, it will be hard to ‘enjoy’ it but try and keep your stress levels down! Good luck

  11. Congratulations she is gorgeous, sorry to hear you didn’t have the experience you hoped for but like you say she is here safe. Sounds like you are doing well and you will manage without him and it will gradually get easier and easier. Hugs and thanks for linking with #MaternityMondays

  12. Aww congrats, she is gorgeous. I’m sure everything will be fine, don’t beat yourself up about jellies and TV babysitter for a while. Lots of love xx

  13. She’s gorgeous – congratulations. Sounds like you are doing an amazing job with three – I only have one toddler and I struggle to cope some days!

  14. Aw hon, you are doing fantastic, I have 3 too (baby is 5 months now) and it is bloody hard work on your own when daddy is at work, in the holidays no one has been dressed and fed until almost 10 am god knows how I am going to get it done by half 8 for the school run this week!! #maternitymondays

  15. One day at a time Kellie, that’s all you have to take. Never mind what others think, you are doing a lot and the best you can. Three kids are hard and two under three even harder. try be compassionate to yourself and breathe and take it moment by moment. Lots of netflix and lots of bribes.

  16. Congratulations to you all on the birth of your new baby girl 🙂 Just be kind to yourself over the next few weeks. As you know kids are hard, but you’ve SO got this! You’ll be just fine 🙂

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