In less than three weeks we will have two babies under two, meaning I’ll have two in nappies. Between nappies, wipes and food our weekly budget has been stretched to the max and Joe is working every hour god sends to keep us above the bread line and live somewhat comfortably. We have made some huge decisions over the past few months, one being converting to cloth nappies when little miss arrives. I’ve never cloth nappy before so I’m a complete novice and looking forward to converting.


We will be working with Bambino Mio on our cloth nappy journey. Yesterday a hamper of Miosolo all-in-one cloth nappies arrived. They’re one size nappies with adjustable Velcro fastening and poppers, that grows with your baby from birth right through to potty training. Modern cloth nappies are not what you’d expect, they basically look like a disposable nappy except in cloth. They’re super slim, soft and the prints are adorable.

These Miosolo nappies are lightweight, machine washable, tumble dry safe and they have a unique pull-out tab system for improved washing performance and quick drying. They have a stretchy water-resistant outer fabric that comes in loads of beautiful designs, they also have a stay dry inner layer and a concealed super absorbent core.


There are so many benefits to converting to cloth nappies:

  • After the initial investment cloth nappies will save you a fortune
  • Cloth nappies are soft and chemical free
  • They’re super cute and there is so many different designs and adorable prints to choose from
  • They hold their value, so you can sell them when you are finished if you look after them
  • Disposable nappies make up 4% of landfill waste making cloth nappies environmentally friendly


Over the next few months I’ll be documenting our cloth nappy journey, everything from savings, Joe’s reaction, laundry, drying throughout winter and the staining. I’m really looking forward to our new little adventure and being me I don’t have the patience to wait for little miss to arrive to try them out so here’s Frankie modelling our first cloth nappy. I could just eat him!

All nappies pictured are available from

Bambino Mio has supplied use with a Miosolo cloth nappy kit for reviewing purposes, as always all opinions are my own!

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  1. Wow, Kellie, so interested in this. It would never have occurred to me to even try, but really interested to see how you get on. Best of luck. And yes the nappies are super cute 🙂

    • Honestly Nicola, it’s only in the recent months blogging I’ve been opened to the world of cloth nappies. Anything to save a few penneys. I just hope it’s not a lot of work, I’ve enough to be doing daily.
      They are arent’t they. They designs are super cute!

  2. I too plan to switch to cloth nappies when baby #4 arrives. I started using cloth when my preschooler was wetting the bed at night so decided to give it a go with our newbie from the start! Two bits of advice I’ve received for others are to 1) use disposables for the first few days until the meconium passes as apparently it stains TERRIBLY and 2) don’t expect one-size diapers to fit even larger newborns so I’ve ordered a few newborn sized nappies just to be sure we have something that works (even though my last baby was almost 9 lbs, my babes are skinny!)

    Will be following your journey to see how you get on!

    • Oh I have loads of disposables that I got at my baby shower that I plan to still use so in the beginning I suppose it will be half and half. Great tip about the meconium, never thought of that -thanks!! These ones adjust really small so hopefully they fit, if not I’ll get some newborn ones then, don’t wan to pick up more if I don’t need them yet xx

  3. I’m really interested to see how you get on with this hun. They look so attractive and I’d love to see how they work and how much money you save. Thanks for sharing with #bestandworst and lots of luck with it all. Eek! See you soon xx

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