Pregnancy is a pain in my back side the past week, literally. I’m in a hoop with my lower back. I’ve been having lots of hot baths, rubbing tennis balls, using hot water bottles and resting when I can (which is hard with a 15m old). The pain subsides for an hour or two but then returns once I become active again. When dad is home I literally plonk my ass down and don’t move. This has resulted in beans on toast for dinner on a number of occasions but they’re been fed that’s all that matters, right?

My pregnancy app tells me little miss is the size of a head of lettuce and is approximately six pounds. However I know she is way more, she’s been measuring three weeks ahead for a couple of months now and doctors are getting slightly concerned about her weight so I’m off for a gestational diabetes tomorrow. I’ve no symptoms apart from little miss measuring ahead so she might out weigh her six pound siblings, although they both arrived a few weeks ahead of schedule.

Baby brain is at it’s peak having missed my breastfeeding course last week. Thankfully I’ve been able to reschedule it to next week and I’m really looking forward to it. I’m not setting unrealistic expectations of myself. Introducing a new baby to a baby will be hard enough so I’ve decided just to take each day as it comes, instead of saying I’m going to breastfeed for three or six months. I’ve picked up a couple of nursing bra’s, Multi-Mam compresses, nipple cream and I’ve been reading everything from positive to negative experiences to prepare myself better.

I feel like my life is complete this week. I’ve finally got my act together and started prepping for bumps arrival. We have her crib, moses basket, car seat and hospital bag done. Family, friends and fellow bloggers have been so generous passing on there old baby stuff. Without a doubt we have saved a fortune upcycling, re-using and receiving second hand. I’ve been watching the BabyDoc app and been picking up any newborn nappies and WaterWipes on sale the past few weeks so we’re saving a fortune on baby essentials. I would love to try cloth nappies so I’m looking into it at the moment. There’s a brilliant resource called The Cloth Nappy Library Ireland and they rent out cloth nappy bundles short and long-term so if you’re considering using cloth nappies they’re probably the best place to start.

My bump hasn’t got any bigger in my opinion but I’ve had a few comments from the five-year-old about my bum. She’s lucky she’s five and she’s lucky I love her. The other half called me a moan last night but before I could reply he retracted his statement. He’s also very lucky. Don’t mess with a pregnant woman!

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  1. Your bump looks fantastic! Ooh good luck with the GD test. It’s routine here in the BVI – I had it at 9 weeks and will again at 28 weeks. That liquid is vile!

    • Oh that’s a photo of me around 30 weeks, I’m much bigger now. Didn’t have the energy to be posing and editing a new one lol. I think it should be routine here too. The liquid here though is Lucozade, it’s not to bad thankfully!

  2. Aww yes I remember the feeling! I also used a pregnancy app which I was always looking at the week ahead to see which fruit or veg my baba would grow into next! Hang in there not long left now!

    • It’s a great way to explain to the kids how big baby is getting without confusing them too. We buy each fruit that pops up on the app so they can see it properly too. Big kid really enjoys it! thank you!!

  3. I was measuring ahead for three weeks and baby girl showed up two weeks early at 8lbs3! If the GD test comes up clear ask for a scan to ensure everything is okay- they gave me them bi weekly because her size was a risk!
    Your bump looks great though! You can try a support belt for the back ache, again something I found super handy!

    • I’ve had numerous scan this pregnancies due to excess NT showing up at 10 weeks and had a 4D scan so not too worried. I’ve had a bigger appetite this pregnancy so maybe I just need to cut back on the crap.
      I tried the support belt and if I’m honest I found it more uncomfortable. I must try it again for longer…

  4. Ahh! This brings back so many memories! Your bump looks amazing! Not long to go now! Thanks for linking up to #babybrainmonday x

  5. I’m 33 weeks and completely feel your pain in regards to back ache! My hubby is not so sympathetic though…! Aren’t children delightful when it comes to our changing bodies? My three year old proclaimed that my boobs are now broken because they are so big and wobbly… thanks darling!

    Hope your gestational diabetes test went well, I had one at 28 weeks and thought it was awful! I was left with bruising that has only just disappeared!!

    Kay xxx

  6. I’m sorry you’re uncomfortable, but I’m so glad everything is going so well. I gave birth to my twins at 33 weeks, so I’m a teeny bit envious of mothers who go full term and get to avoid NICU stays. Thanks for linking with #TwinklyTuesday.

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