Do you hear that? The pitter patter of rain? Imagine an Irish person giving out about the little bit of sunshine we get on our little island and during the summer of all times. But it’s bliss, we’ve no excuses not to be out exploring parks entertaining the kids. Instead we had showers this morning, got into fresh pj’s and chilled for the day. There was even naps.

I’m now 33 weeks pregnant. My bump has dropped making napping, sitting, breathing and eating so much easier. The heartburn has eased and I’m currently in flip and roll mode, mooching across the bed or sofa to get up. The five-year-old runs to my aid with a helping hand on occasions, ‘look Frankie, mammies stuck again’.

She started her summer holidays on Wednesday so I brought her to a routine check up in the Coombe and I don’t think she’ll be begging to come along again anytime soon. She was embarrassed, grossed out and disappointed all in one.

‘Why are you carrying wee in a cup?’.

‘How did you catch all your wee in that tiny cup without getting it all over your clothes?’

‘What is that lady going to do with your wee?’.

‘You spend ages peeing in that cup and she just threw it in the bin, god sakes’.

‘Look mammy, I think that lady has loads of babies’ in her belly’.

‘Why didn’t you cry getting a needle?’.

‘Where is he going with your blood, is he a vampire?’.

‘Why did we queue up all that time to go chat to that lady for only a minute?’.

Of course I told her the Midwife was going to drink it and that the phlebotomist was in fact a vampire, her face – priceless! We haven’t spoken about it since. I’m pretty sure I’m the reason behind any of her nightmares.

We’re trying to prepare Frankie but he’s having none of it, he’s my baby and I’m pretty sure he wants it to stay that way. I can’t hold our niece for longer than a minute without him having a meltdown and I’m not too sure what we’re going to do when I leave for the hospital. He’s very attached. I can’t leave him with anyone without him going hysterical. It breaks my heart. I’m trying not to worry about it, it’ll hopefully only be for a day or two and we’ve great family and friends on hand to take over once I go into labour.

I’ve got more hand-me-downs from family this week all newborn and 0-3 months so I’m sorting, washing and he’s ironing. The crib, car seat and hospital bags are being prepared too. I dunno why but I have a gut feeling bump will be making an early appearance just like both her siblings. The heads engaged and I’m getting loads of Braxton Hicks, too many if you ask me.

Almost everyone close to us knows her name because Kayla can’t keep her mouth shut. She doesn’t refer to her as bump or baby anymore, she’s set on the name and we love it.

I can’t believe I’ve managed so far without buying ANY maternity clothes. River Island leggings and baggy tops are doing the job. I got a few vouchers for my birthday last week but I’m saving them to treat myself once baby arrives. I haven’t put on too much weight either, I’m mostly boob, bump and swollen ankles. Not that I’m bothered about my weight, I’m very lucky to have no stretch marks or scars so far.

A lot of people have been asking me lately if I’m nervous about giving birth and I can honestly say that I’m not. I’ve had two positive and quick birthing experiences, it’s the after-birth pains I dread. I’ve never had a birth plan and I won’t be starting now. The midwives are the experts and they tell you exactly what to do, how to breathe and when to push. I’ll follow their lead and everything should go smoothly.

I’ll be attending my first breast-feeding course with the Coombe next week. I’m not putting huge pressure on myself to succeed but I’m going to try it. It may work and it may not but what I love about this pregnancy is that I’ve armed myself with information and surrounded myself with positive breastfeeding experiences. And if baby doesn’t latch I’m prepared to pump.

Next week we’re heading off for a private 3d/4d scan in Blackrock courtesy of RTE, and thanks to Kayla and her bubbly personality. It will be recorded as part of TRTE and RTEjr’s 60 second standalone films that are broadcast daily between shows. She’s very excited and is dying to see her little sister. Has her outfit planned out and all. Hopefully we have an active bump on the day to keep her smiling.

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  1. Out of the mouth of babe’s hey! Very funny and logical questions to ask. Love how simple things are to a child. We had a 4D scan and it was magical. It was the first time things felt real. Good luck. #mummymonday

  2. They do say the funniest and most embarrassing things! Enjoy the scan it sounds really fun. Kayla sounds like she is really excited to have a new baby to look after.

  3. Ah what a lovely update! I love all the questions on the visit to the midwife, priceless! Well done you for surviving without maternity clothes too, there was no wa i could have managed without them! Hope the scan goes well and keeps Kayla smiling! Thanks for linking with #MaternityMondays xx

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