Last month a researcher, Sharon, from RTE came across my blog an emailed us to see we were interested in recording a piece on RTEjr’s Kidspeak. Kidspeak is a series of 30-60 second standalone films that are broadcast daily between shows within the TRTE and RTEjr schedules. They run all year round and present short ‘snapshots’ of young people engaged in a variety of activities.

After a quick chat with Kayla we signed up, she was ecstatic with the idea of being on TV. She told everyone who would listen and practised her ‘Hi, my name is Kayla’ on the hour, every hour. Sharon the researcher came up with a brilliant idea for Kayla’s short film, with the pending arrival and Kayla’s excitement to be a big sister again – preparing for a baby was the perfect short film for her.

Yesterday Sharon, the producer, a sound man and a camera man arrived at our home to record the first piece of Kayla’s clip. Upon opening the door Kayla was bright-eyed, chatty and full of beams.

My mam was there to keep an eye on Frankie but he actually took part helping Kayla wash bash her doll in a bath and change her nappy. He had more interest talking to his dada on the producers phone in the background, it was hilarious. I almost pee’d myself trying not to laugh. When it came to telling the camera what she was actually doing, Kayla became very quiet, she was actually camera-shy. Imagine that!

They then recorded a small clip of us both packing my hospital bag. I routed out Kayla’s first onsie and cardigan to pack for her little sister to wear and she loved it. They were tiny. It’s hard to believe they ever fit her. Then they recorded some piece’s interview style – like her name, what she was doing and how excited she is to meet her big sister. In all it took just over an hour.

Later in the afternoon Kayla and I went to Ultrasound Dimensions in Blackrock for a 3D/4D scan (complimentary of RTE). An experience I’ll never forget, being able to share that moment with her, it was very precious. She loved being able to see her sister properly, she wasn’t fond of seeing pictures in black, white and grey. She could make out her little sisters facial features and heard the heartbeat beating strong. It’s was magical even if it was being recorded and I was in an awkward sideward position because baby was facing my hip. She even referred to her by name whilst watching the screen, telling us how cute she looked.

It will be September-ish before her short film goes live on RTE, and I’m dying to see how they put all the little clips together. In all it was a long day, but I enjoyed every moment of it. Kayla’s reactions to her old baby clothes and getting to share that beautiful moment at the scan with her was amazing. The bonus of the day was being able to take away a CD of photo’s and short video’s of bump moving around and smiling in my tummy, something that will be treasured forever and I only have Kayla to thank for that.

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  1. Aw sounds like a really lovely day and experience! We love the little clips they have on RTE Jr.
    Can’t wait to see it myself now! x

  2. This is so fantastic such wonderful memories for you, can’t wait to see her short when it airs xx

  3. Oh how cute that she’s going to be on film and how funny that your chatty little girl became camera shy when it most mattered!
    Aren’t the 4D pictures just great? Totally amazing, just blew my mind when I saw mine!
    Best of luck with the pregnancy

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