Have you picked up your free Eumom gift bag? It is available to all pregnant women in Ireland to celebrate pregnancy. I got a form in my first booking pregnancy pack in the Coombe earlier this year and this afternoon I picked up my free bag in my local SuperValu store. The free Eumom gift bag is filled with a mixture of samples, full-size products, vouchers and informative leaflets. Bags do vary from store to store but I’m pretty happy with everything I got in mine and after all it was all free, who doesn’t like a good freebie!

free eumon gift bag

Inside my free Eumom gift bag was a hooded towel with a sample size non-bio Persil liquid detergent and Comfort fabric softener. There was a full pack of Johnson’s baby extra sensitive wipes, a 50ml Johnson’s baby top-to-toe bath wash and first 10 days booklets full of information on bath time to massage. For mum, there was a 7-day trial pack of Pregnacare vitamins and there were samples of Solatium cream, Sudocrem, a fold away window shade, a full-size Aquafresh milk teeth toothpaste. Also included in the bag was some Milton sterilising tablets and vouchers and Dettol surface wipes.

For more information on the free Eumom gift bag or to print off or to download your voucher click HERE!

P.S This is NOT a sponsored post. It’s  just a great freebie that I had to share.

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  1. Some new stuff in there from 2 years ago! We use the bag it came in as his creche bag; it’s a really handy size backpack for throwing a few nappies and change of clothes into!

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