She’s pregnant and if it’s your first you’re most likely shitten it. Here’s a low down of some things you may encounter throughout your partners pregnancy and tips on what you should do, avoid or just suck up.

Week 30 (1)

  1. Feed her constantly. When she says she is hungry, she means it and your food will always look nicer. Be prepared to share.
  2. Never EVER comment on her butt, bump, ankles, mood or appetite.
  3. Her bump is growing, she may have days she feels frumpy and she may get some stretch marks, remind her she is beautiful!
  4. You will be replaced. No matter how big your bed is, there will no longer be enough room for you and 24 pillows. Your on the sofa pal. Just accept it, you’ll probably get a better nights sleep anyways.
  5. You’re not allowed to complain, ever!
  6. Some women experience morning (noon and night) sickness during the early weeks. A gentle back rub and sympathy will go a long way.
  7. Pregnant women can cry a lot. Sometimes it’s your fault the rest of the time it’s still your fault. Her hormones are wreaking havoc with her emotions. and sometimes she won’t have a clue why she is crying. Offer cake, it works almost every time.
  8. You don’t need to attend every appointment. The most important is the first booking appointment, the big scan and ALL antenatal classes. Also don’t try to laminate your scan photo’s, it will turn completely black.
  9. Your partner may latch onto certain foods. If she has a particular craving it’s best to stock up, it could save you a late night dash to the shops. Keep a stash of Rennie or Gaviscon, it may just come in handy past midnight.
  10. She may become very tired in the last trimester. Her body is working overtime so it’s completely normal for her to feel exhausted at times. Encourage her to nap daily or whenever possible.
  11. Her boobies will get huge but most likely you will not be allowed touch them.
  12. Now that you’re soon to be a family you’ll need to redecorate. To avoid finding her with a drill, on a ladder or doing any building tasks get all the odd jobs done early.
  13. Try not stress or obsess about the drive to the hospital. The best thing to do is research the shortest route, find a rush-hour traffic detour and avoid ramps.
  14. Labour can last anything from an hour to days. Be patient. Pack a hospital bag with a change of clothes, deodorant, spare change, magazines, charger and snacks.
  15. Wetting the babies head is not an excuse to go on the lash and get absolutely mortal. Enjoy a few pints with the lads in your local but whatever you do, don’t be late visiting mammy and baby the next day. It’s just not worth it!
  16. And whatever you do, don’t forget the pushing present. After all she been carrying your precious little bundle for the past nine months. It doesn’t have to be big either, flowers, chocolate and a card will do.
  17. And finally don’t ever say you’re babysitting. You’re not babysitting, you’re parenting. Sayings like ‘daddy duties’ are a much safer option.

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16 Comments on Your missus is pregnant, now what?

  1. This is a brilliant how to guide! Quick, simple with a touch of humour! Keeping this on the back burner for when I get pregnant and the partner needs to know his do’s and don’ts!

  2. Love #15! When I gave birth Daddy Undone went to wet the babies head, his phone battery died and I was like a crazy woman in the hospital the next morning waiting for him to arrive! He rocked up at about 12.30 looking like a homeless person! He still hasn’t been allowed to forget it!

  3. Ah Kellie, this is just so spot on! I think my bugbear was the complaints. NOBODY was allowed moan to me. I am the Queen of Moaning! #linkalist

  4. This is great – I think a lot of men would find this helpful! I need to mention the pushing present (or having just had your stomach ripped open present) next time round! Thanks so much for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday

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