I don’t go out very often but when I do…

You can be guaranteed there’ll be a text or call within five minutes of leaving.

The kids will be fed chocolate/sweets and anything that will them quiet.

He will find new ways to keep the kids under control.

Bedtime is an hour or two later than normal.

The kids will most likely be wearing a football kit, mis-match clothing or no clothing at all.

He will show a creative side.

I can be guaranteed he won’t be cooking, if he doesn’t visit his mammy, he’ll be ordering a take-away for tea.

He’ll give into their every demand..

Upon return I can be guaranteed the house will look like it’s been raided by the drug squad.

I will most likely receive a selfie of the baby with a moustache, bottle of beer or a squished up face.

And you can be guaranteed the next day all those baby proofing things I’ve been nagging about will be completed.


17 Comments on When Dad’s Left Home Alone With The Kids

  1. I once got sent a picture of our then four month old sitting in a cardboard box on top of the bin with the caption “Leaving him out for the bin man”. I had been gone half an hour…

  2. My husband is a hard ass. Therefore when I get home from leaving him with the kids they are so happy to see me that he gets upset because suddenly he is second fiddle again. There is also usually some awful dinner of variations of food whooped together and the kids are usually filthy because he’s let them play in any form of dirt there is and then just hosed them down a bit before bringing then back inside. lol Great post and thanks for hosting #linkalist.

  3. Hi Kellie!
    Really enjoying your blog! I’m a new reader/blogger/linkalist joiner!!
    I always find daddy plays more of a supervisor role when I’m away, nothing productive might happen but health and safety in tact so that’s important! Lol.

  4. My daughter once told me, “Daddy’s more like a grandpa than a parent. He just spoils us.” Truth.

    Thanks for linking with #TwinklyTuesday.

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