I love being a mammy, but my god do kids test your patience. That moment they smile toothless while pulling a box of cheerio’s over their heads is kind of cute. Or when they decide to fill the toilet with their bath toys is kind of funny. That moment they wait for that perfect opportunity when you forget to shut the door. Little buggars can get away with anything. ANYTHING!

Covering themselves in food – These are the cutest photo’s you will capture and treasure. However, operation clean up isn’t so adorable. They get their food EVERYWHERE!

Eating stuff off the floor – They won’t eat food from a spoon or from their tray, because they find crumbs and last weeks snacks more appetizing. Gross.

Refuse to eat your dinner – This is how food ends up on the ceiling. The swinging hands of refusal and when they keep shutting their mouth so tight the spoon won’t fit. Fine. Starve.

Wear a nappy and nothing else – Changing a tumbling, somersaulting energetic babies nappy can be stressful so sometimes it’s easier to leave a baby in just their nappy. And then there’s those babies who just don’t like socks, nappies and clothes fullstop.

Putting food on your head – Because that is where their mouths are right? Oh and they already know that if they destroy themselves enough they’ll get a ‘splash-splash’. Us mammies also love hovering ten times a day, don’t we?

Peeing on other people – Boys are notorious in their first year for having a bulls eye of an aim during nappy changes but girls are not far behind. You can be guaranteed the minute the cold air hits them they will destroy you.

Creating a mess – You can distract them, change their toys, replace and substitute but they will still destroy your home in the blink of an eye.


Force feed you half eaten food – I’m all for sharing but I don’t fancy being forced to eat half eaten toast, raisins and yesterdays broccoli.

Throwing things in public – That awkward moment when you see a bottle or a toy flying through the air.


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  1. So true – being force fed the floor food which I thought I’d gotten all of with the dustpan and brush is definitely a constant in this house these days! Just as well they’re cute!

  2. All so true and I’m right there with you at the moment. Have just retrieved a load of football boots from the toilet bowl and fridge magnets in the washing machine!

  3. This is so funny, but you have to laugh don’t you?! My daughter has a habit of putting toys in the washing machine, and the force-feeding if half chewed food? That definitely happens in our house!

  4. Haha this is so true and very funny. Luckily for me neither of mine ever put toys down the toilet, thank goodness. Although my youngest puts everything in bin instead. Thanks for linking up to #ToddlersAndTeens via mummy2monkeys

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