For those of you who have been following my blog the past few months you’ll be aware that we had some devastating news at our ten weeks scan and had a long wait to find out the faith of our unborn baby girl. There’s been stressful times and we’ve had alot of big decisions to make, scans and long worrying nights.

Accepting the possibility of our baby having Down Syndrome had been hard, we’ve questioned our decision about refusing further tests and that has been probably one of the hardest things, that not knowing messes something terrible with your head. A day hasn’t gone by that I haven’t been anxious or upset in some way.

The wait, the worry, and I suppose the nightmare is over. Today I attended the Coombe again, it was my forth scan with our Consultant. She has been monitoring development and checking bumps anatomy in view of the increased nuchal translucency seen by our sonographer at our ten week scan. Bump is advancing well beyond our expectations and worries. She is developing as normal and we will no longer have to see the consultant. She is completely happy with everything about her.

Just like our last scan there has been no structural abnormalities or soft markers present. We had been preparing for the worst and she has continued to suprise us at each scan. We were always aware that there is limitations to an ultrasound but everything from the four chambers of her heart, along with the vessels, the brain and spine, they all appeared normal. Her growth, the fluid and everything about her is just as it should be. She is measuring 4lbs 5oz’s so she may out-weigh both her 6lb siblings. She’s going to be a little monster.

It’s been a long few months and with less than two months to go I’m more excited than every to meet her now. Let the countdown begin…

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  1. I’m so glad for you that you can worry less now and enjoy the last of your pregnancy! She sounds like she’s going to be a big healthy bubs, ready to take on the world with her siblings 🙂

  2. Wonderful news. I hope you can relax a little bit now, even though I know it’s impossible to fully accept all is good until it’s all over and you are holding your little one.

  3. What a weight off your mind. I hope now you’re able to relax and…well, perhaps not enjoy the rest of your pregnancy 🙂 I hope you’re not too uncomfortable x

      • Well that’s good. I thought it was a physical impossibility to sweat in Dublin. I know your pain though, I was pregant in Bangkok during the hot season= yuck!

  4. thats great news!! I’m glad you can focus now just on bringing your little girl into the world. I sometimes wonder if those scans are worth having given all the worry they cause, having a child with down syndrome isnt necessarily a terrible thing but I suppose the scan gives you a chance to prepare yourselves. Wishing you a successful remaining pregnancy!

  5. Ahh thats fab news what a relief. My baby had fluid around the heart on one of his scans and it is so worrying going back for consultant appointments all the time but all was well in the end. So happy for you and the rest of your family. Hope the rest of your pregnancy is enjoyable xxx

  6. What fantastic news, I bet you have been worrying so much but at least now you can finally look forward to your little bundle of joy 🙂 Thanks for sharing such lovely news with the #bestandworst and hope you might pop by again 🙂

  7. That’s wonderful news! So happy for you! And don’t be scared of big ones — I had 3 9-pounders and loved it. They were so fat that they slept well from day 1 and didn’t need to eat a lot at night! 🙂 Hope everything is smooth sailing from here on out. Congrats!

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