I know I have a bun in the oven but bloody hell I’m roasting. It’s sweating outside. It’s sweating inside. It’s sweating in the car. It’s sweating in the shower. There’s no escaping it. The heat is killing me. It’s sticky, there’s no breeze, my sun cream is melting off my arm, I cannot cope. I’m hormonal in general but today I sobbed hysterically for a good ten minutes just because I was just too warm. The five year old thinks I’ve lost the plot altogether. I have though, I’m giving out about summer, the sun and the sun in summer in Ireland.

The big kid wants to play outside while the little one wants to shadow her but we don’t have garden gates so with not being able to bend down and sick of saying ‘ah-ah’ I was running from the front garden to the back checking on both of them until I finally gave up and packed them into the sweat box of a car.

In hibernation mode we walked around Avoca for a good hour looking at things we cannot afford and I stood under the air con for a good ten minutes until the security guard started hovering around us. I then paid twenty quid for two cakes, a cookie, a decaf and a kiddicino – that she didn’t even drink. It killed me to hand over the money but there’s something about the place that I just love and it’s my birthday and I’m pregnant and they do good cake. Really good cake.

Aside from the sweating heat it’s been a lovely day, spoilt as per usual. Got my phone fixed, a new purse, some dollars to put in it and yankee candles amongst other pretty things. I was also very generous this evening, I shared my birthday cake with ten adults and six kids that arrived to wish me a Happy Birthday. Obviously I cut the biggest slice for myself and made sure their was enough leftover for my breakfast in the morning.

It’s almost bedtime and soon I will open the three windows in the bedroom and moan, whinge, give out and most likely shower again, then probably eat more cake. I really need to invest in a fan or a man size freezer or move to a colder country for the next eight weeks.

I feel for all my fellow pregnant readers, how are you coping? Tomorrow is to be evening hotter, rumour has it that it’s to last the rest of the week. I hope I wake up and it’s lashing rain and Met Eireann have made a complete bollox of the weather predictions. Sorry, not sorry.

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  1. My OH loved when I was pregnant as I’m usually a really cold creature and he is not. I’m feeling sorry for you, but I do not want rain, thank you. Happy birthday.

  2. Happy Birthday! Hope you cool down…my mummy hates the hot weather too. We love Avoca…is that the Belfast store? It’s nice to treat yourself ever once in a while #TwinklyTuesday #mblogchat Facebook

  3. “Obviously I cut the biggest slice for myself and made sure their was enough leftover for my breakfast in the morning…”
    Best line ever!! I’m well past the baby years, but I can assure you the temperature gauge goes AWOL again at about 50. Sorry. Truly sorry!

  4. It gets up to 40 degrees where I live. Much though I would have preferred that my pregnancy go full term, there’s something to be said for not having to spend June and July pregnant! I hope you find some comfort soon!

    Thanks for linking with #TwinklyTuesday.

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