Yesterday we continued our A-Z of Adventures around Ireland and headed off to the quiet countryside of Co.Kildare to visit Straffan Butterfly Farm. Straffan Butterfly Farm is a family run business which opens to the public every summer with an exhibition to introduce people to the existence of the world of butterflies.

Upon arrival we checked out some of the live tarantulas, snakes, stick insects, millipedes and small reptiles in the exhibition room all housed in their natural surroundings that can be viewed up close as they go about their daily lives. There was collections of butterflies and other creepy crawlies on display from all over the world too. We then continued on to the movie room and enjoyed an interesting and educational 15 minute film about the life cycle of the butterfly.

Next we visited the main attraction, The Tropical House. It was very warm and not as big as originally anticipated but it really is a magical mini jungle watching all the butterflies fly so freely all around you.

Inside we got to see some live caterpillar eggs.


Some cocoons…



and the hundreds of butterflies…



They landed on our heads, arms, legs and bags.

The highlight of her day….

We spent a total of two hours at the farm exploring. The exhibition is indoors so between the hail, rain and sunshine it really was a fantastic day. It was so beautiful to witness the life cycle of the butterfly.

The butterfly farm is wheelchair accessible with ample parking available. A family ticket will cost you €25 for two adults and three children. I’d advise everyone to bring cash as they don’t accept card. There is a lovely covered outdoor picnic area and a breath taking garden so bring a picnic along if the weather is nice. There is a small gift shop selling toys, memorabilia and ice-creams.

Having only found this little treasure I’m very sad to announce this summer will be it’s last, having been open to the public every summer since 1986. So if you do anything this summer Straffan Butterfly Farm is definitely one exhibition not to miss.

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9 Comments on Straffan Butterfly Farm

  1. This is only minutes from me. It’s a few years since I was there & they seem to have added more as we certainly didn’t get 2 hours worth out of it then.
    Shame they are closing, must try pop in with the kids before they do.

    • Oh really, it’s about 15/20 mins from us. We spent at least an hour in enclosure itself… there was so many beautiful butterflies we just couldn’t leave. On a nice sunny day I’d bring a picnic and make a day of it.

  2. Oh! Thank you for this. I am currently making a list of activities for us to do over the weekends during the summer. This is one I will definitely put on there. Sad to hear it’s the last year of it too.

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