This really has to be one of the quickest pregnancies ever, I’ve now entered the last trimester and I’m feeling great. I had an appointment in the Coombe last week and something very strange happened, I was home at 10.20am. There was no queue in the carpark, reception, with the doctors, not even in the toilets. It was very weird.

I met with the anaesthesiologist while I was there, not that I took anything from it, I couldn’t understand a word he said. So I can’t really tell you what it was about. Bump is developing just as she should be and all measurements are normal for my stage in pregnancy. I had my bloods done to check my thyroid which is thankfully causing no problems and my platelets were checked too. Having thrombocytopenia sucks during pregnancy. My platelets pretty much do what they want and there is nothing I can do about it. They have dropped again and at this stage an epidural is completely out of the question during delivery so it looks like it will be a hat trick of no pain relief during labour.

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I’m really enjoying the flutters and kicks now that my placenta has moved, I was getting very anxious about her movements up until a couple weeks ago. However some of the punches, flips and rib jabs are shocking. Every evening just before bed I can be guarenteed she will start kicking the shit out of me or wedge a knee or elbow or something into my ribs.

Having an under active thyroid this pregnancy has kind of worked in my favour. I get pity naps. I get to head back to bed with Frankie in the morning when Kayla is in school with no judgement. This week she is on a midterm so she’s getting evil eyes come naptime. Damn you teachers for taking days off!

I’ve also realised how blessed I am with two kids who also love their sleep and am dreading returning to night feeds. What the hell was I thinking? Frankie goes down at 7ish and doesn’t budge for twelve hours unless he has a head cold or if he’s teething and I have to drag Kayla out of the bed for school.

I had a leg cramp in bed the other night, I woke up and started panting and hoping around the bed like a mad thing. The bleeding pain of it, it was horrendous! Poor Joe thought I’d gone into labour, his reaction was hilarious.

I’m struggling to carry Frankie now that my bump is getting so big, I bribe him with food if I want him to follow me and if I drop something now and if it’s small, I just kick it under the sofa. Problem solved. Oh and if I need something I just call little miss and she’ll get it for me. She’s doing all the nappy runs and grabbing bottles and soothers, basically getting anything that is in another room. She had a soother in her pocket the other day, just incase I called her. I’d be lost without her.

My reaction time has slowed and I can’t dive to save Frankie from falls as much anymore, he is the most accident prone child I have ever met. His forehead is black and blue, poor child looks battered. After a bath over the weekend he decided he would prefer if I chased him around the bed to put his nappy on. Next thing I knew I had my hands cupped to catch his wee cause I couldn’t grab him quick enough to aim for the floor. It’s grand though, he got his dads side.

I’ve discovered the trampoline is the new ‘play pen’. I throw Frankie on it every morning now, lock him in and he’ll play for a good hour while I get all my chores done. It’s brilliant. Although we had a little incident, my pal came over for a cuppa and I was wizzing around doing me bits and next thing the dog is scratching the patio door in a panic to get in. It had started lashing and the poor child was drowned.

My hair is getting thicker, my nails are the best they’ve ever been and I’d like to think my skin is glowing. I’m still taking PregnaPlan daily so I’d say that’s a huge factor with all the extra vitamins throughout my pregnancy. I’m also using B.O.N Oil as my daily body moisturizer, no itchy-scratchy belly so far.

I’m getting awful heartburn and acid reflux over the past few days and I’ve been milling the Rennie. I’ve no particular food cravings right now but I’ve an awful sweet tooth so I can imagine I’ll pile on the pounds over the next few weeks, not that I’m bothered. I’ve had a few comments about my eating but I’m just ignoring them. I’ll eat what I want, when I want.

I’m not back in the Coombe until the end of the month and I’ll be seeing the Consultant again. I’m hoping my platelets miraculously jump back to normal but that’s wishful thinking at this stage.

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  1. Lovely update! Im not sure how you can do it with two kids! I would be going mental! All the best for your last trimester! #mummymondays

  2. Ahh it goes so quickly doesn’t it!! I loved feeling all those flutters and kicks, it’s so amazing isn’t it 🙂 Thanks for linking up with the #bestandworst and hope to see you again next week!

    Helen X

  3. I loved hitting that stage when I felt fantastic. This is sich a lovely update and it sounds as if pregnancy is going great for you. Not long to go now. I remember those leg cramps well…ouch!! Thanks so much for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday

  4. I find this pregnancy is going much faster than my first. I think it’s because we don’t have as much time to think about it. We also question if we are crazy! My daughter has only just started sleeping through and she is 4! Hope this one doesn’t take after her in that department! xx

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