Nothing frustrates me more than Frankie chewing the chain or handle of a shopping trolley after reading this article a couple years ago. So when I was approched to review the trolley seat cover from Brand Newbies I was very excited to try it out in hope it would prevent him slobbering all over the yucky germs proven to be found on a high percentage of trolleys and for those days when the trolleys are soaked because they are stored outside.


The cover was easy to assemble and it fit the trolley perfect. Frankie was not one bit impressed the chain was no longer available to chew on. The trolley seat cover doubles as a playground swing cover for those damp cold days and a restaurant high chair cover too. The packaging also states the seat cover fits 99% of trolleys. Brand Newbies have also been backed by Dragons Den star Ramona Nicholas.


Overall I was very pleased and would recommend this innovative product. The soft padding kept him comfortable, germ free, dry, secure and happy whilst we were shopping. The seat cover comes complete with little loops for his toys and a pouch, so when his soother fell I didn’t have to chase it, not that I can bend anymore, that Kayla’s job. The cover is waterproof even with the germ resistant fabric, it’s machine washable and also has a an added bonus of a safety strap to keep my little monkey extra secure.


The black and white gender neutral Marrakesh trolley seat cover is €24.99 and available to buy HERE.

Thanks to Brand Newbies I have a trolley seat cover for a baby or toddler to giveaway.

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Competition closes at 9pm on Sunday 14th of June. Winner will be announced the following morning. Giveaway is open to residents of Ireland and UK ONLY. Part of this giveaway is hosted on Facebook but is not endorsed by Facebook. I received one cover to review and one to giveaway for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own.

74 Comments on Brand Newbies Trolley Seat Cover Review & Giveaway

  1. Oh would love this,my little dude is 3 1/2 mths now so won’t be long before he’s sitting up in the trolley!

  2. Fantastic idea – I love that it works for restaurant high chairs as well, some of those are just disgusting!

  3. Would love this for my little lad, he is forever putting things in his mouth & God only knows when, if ever trolleys are washed. With a family of 7 I spend a lot of time in the supermarket it’d be great for Lorcan to be clean, comfy & stylish!

  4. OH NY GOD!!! I need this …. Pleeeeease. Was in tescis yesterday with two jumbo kitchen rolls supporting my baby girl in the trolley seat .. And two of my scarves wrapped round the bar as my little piranha is teething haha thusbis the best invention iv seen so far now…. Brilliant. Fingers crossed xxxxxxx

  5. Brilliant idea…poor ella is forever getting shocks of the steal and any time I need to put her in the trolley it’s ALWAYS wet…would love this

  6. Really great idea, my little boy dozed off once in the trolley and bumped his head off the handrail! This cover might have cushioned his fall!

  7. Fantastic product! Such a great idea! Would love to win one for my little man who is chewing on everything around him lately, it would be peace of mind knowing he wouldn’t pick up any nasty germs whilst in a trolley ☺️

  8. Have liked both pages

    How amazing and innovative is this little invention! Definitely need one when Bubba hits the trolley seat stage!

  9. These are great. Means that baba can chew on trolley in comfort with the dang teeth without Milton mommy madness

  10. Lucy lasts about 10 mins in the trolley seat before she wants to walk about like her big sis…This would DEFINITELY keep her seated and cut an hour off my shopping time 😀 xo

  11. Trollies are disgusting and I hate putting Colin into them but I’d never get the shopping done without them!

  12. Our baby can’t help himself but give things like shopping trolleys a lick. I usually give them a wipe down first but I’m not convinced it does much. Great idea!

  13. OMG what a really fantastic idea! and so very cute!!! 🙂 My kids are grown up now but when my daughter who is the youngest of my two kids was a baby I used to bring babywipes with me to clean the trolley handle. well done whoever invented these trolley seat covers, I love them.

  14. Great invention! Would have loved this for my little boy a few years ago.
    Have a new baby girl that i need one for 🙂

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