My bump is growing by the day and according to my pregnancy app she is 39cms long and weighs approxiamtely 1.3kg. I’m getting lots of movement and it’s such a warm fuzzy feeling. It’s a sign she is healthy and strong and I love every single one of them even if a majority of them are at bedtime.

Thankfully there hasn’t been many sleep interuptions for toilet trips through the night, I’m assuming that’s because I’m so tired entertaining the two kids during the day. Although my pelvic floor is still in shatters. I’m finding it difficult and exhausting chasing after the two of them and we’ve been spending our days in the park or on the beach with all the lovely weather that arrived so they are practically entertaining themselves outdoors.

Just as I thought the third trimester was treating me kind the nausea and inability to keep food down in the evenings has slowly crept back in. After a few voilent vomit explosions I’ve burst blood vessels on my face, neck and chest, and the acid has burnt my throat, leaving me on a liquid diet, so I’ll be sipping soup and water for the next few days. I’ve also got a heat rash on my arms this week but it’s nothing new in pregnancy because every summer I’ve been pregnant I’m covered in one.

Week 30

I’ve pretty much cried everyday for the past week, sometimes I haven’t a clue what I’m crying for but sure that’s pregnancy and hormones and there’s pretty much nothing I can do about it.

I’m preparing myself for the worlds hairiest baby at present. I’m milling the Rennie. Baby may need a full body wax if the sayings are true. The heartburn is a killer. I’ve had a few Braxton Hicks this week also, at one point I had convinced myself she was on her way. Kayla gets very excited and is left devastated every time.

I recieved a few bags of hand-me-downs during the week with lots of beautiful and practically new clothes some still with tags so it gave me the push to start getting prepared for our pending arrival. I’m on the hunt for a second hand double buggy at the moment. I’ve had some great recommendations for an Out and About, Uppababy Vista and a Bugaboo but we couldn’t possibly afford them new right now so I’m creeping on Facebook selling pages, Adverts and Donedeal daily.

I’m getting very excited now and really looking forward to meeting our baby girl. I’m constantly day-dreaming and wondering who she will look like, will she have big brown eyes like Frankie or blue ‘I didn’t do it’ eyes like Kayla. I suppose I don’t have long to wait now, I just hope she sits tight and doesn’t arrive early like both her siblings.

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  1. Pregnancy hormones are horrendous at times! I had really bad heat rash when I was pregnant with all three of my babies, even in winter! It was mad
    Ahh, I do miss being pregnant – Never thought I’d actually say that lol! xx

  2. Sorry about your symptoms. I have terrible heartburn now too. I was hospitalised because of acid reflux with my daughter, hoping this pregnancy doesn’t go the same way! I can also cry at anything. Silly hormones! Hope you are alright! xx

  3. Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry to hear about your symptoms, soounds terrible 🙁 Not long to go, hang on in there! I had heartburn too, and my boy had a full set of hair! Loved styling it 🙂 Good luck #twinklytuesday Sabrina xx

  4. I really feel for you having a tough time but just relax as much as you can you’re almost there! Such an exciting time when those months turn into weeks until you meet your baby x

  5. I remember those days… your bundle of joy of almost here and your symptoms are soon to be forgotten. Congrats on your baby… #TwinklyTuesday

  6. Ahhhh it’s a beautiful time to wonder about what your daughter will look like! It’s so magical too. Not the sickness part – that’s the worst. I had an industrial sized bottle of Gaviscon next to my bed for heartburn. #wineandboobs

  7. Hope things improve for you 🙁 sickness is not good and it must be so hard doing it with two already first time round I was knackered not sure what i would be like with two already! Hope you find your buggy #TwinklyTuesday

  8. The sickness part I feel for you, but when the baby comes all will be forgotten 🙂 so exciting! Thank you for linking on #wineandboobs

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