Today as I walked through Dunnes with my five-year-old she randomly blurted out that she wanted a bra. A f**king bra. I initially laughed it off, so did EVERYONE close by. It was an argument I was never going to win so I told her to ring her da (I know I’m such a b***h haha). It was the funniest phone call I’ve witnessed in my entire life.

An actual conversation I had with the five-year-old today…

Mammy look, isn’t this so cute‘.

‘Ah yes, it’s very pretty’.

This would fit me… it’s for little people‘.


No darling, that is for really skinny people‘.

No, it’s for children, like little people, like me‘.


Mammy I want one‘.


Mammy… mammy… maaahmmy…‘.

Mammy but (friends name) has one’.

She does in her shit have one, she’s five‘.

Well she’s actually six‘.

How do you know (friends name) has a bra

I don’t care what age she is… YOU ARE NOT GETTING A BRA‘.

But I need one‘.


FINE! I’ll ask my daddy, he’ll get me one‘.

Hands phone over in delight to ring daddy…

Daddy almost chokes. He wants to die. I piss myself. There’s some negotiations…

That’s not too long…‘ she says.

See daddy says I can have one when I’m 15‘.

Mammy when am I 15?’.

18 Comments on The Kid Wants a Bra

  1. Oh wow, you’d be weak with some of the stuff they come out with. Fifteen is a good answer! Has she spotted those crop top ones yet?

    • She can look at all the crop top she likes, there’s not a hope of one entering my house. I wouldn’t be surprised if she asks her nana tomorrow. It was still a topic of conversation at bedtime.

  2. So funny. I don’t think I even knew what a bra was when I was 5 – they know everything these days! Dreading these demands coming from my little ones! #mummymondays

  3. I’m expecting the very same convo with my 6 year old anytime now. I don’t think I’ll be able to refrain from laughing either. Girls are so advanced for their age always wanting to be older before their time. Negotiations are always tricky with a 5 year old, you husband done well. #MummyMonday

  4. My daughters are 9. Their classmates are wearing bras… and need them. It’s insane. I LOVE the conversation you had, though! Thanks for linking with #TwinklyTuesday.

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