You Know You’re a Mammy When…

1.       You buy an extra pack of baby wipes to clean up random spills, finger prints and your entire bathroom.

2.       A twenty minute shower with a locked door feels like a day at the spa.

3.       You have an audience whilst showering, shouting the most awkward of questions.

4.       You often finish up showering with only one leg shaved and have you have a frequent presence of unwashed conditioner in your hair.

5.       You can’t see the floor of your car.

6.       You re-define “sleeping-in” to any time past 6.30am.

7.       An early night is going to bed the same time as your children.

8.       You have reheated your tea/coffee in the microwave for the 100th time.

9.       Your kids see you naked more than your other-half.

10.   Going to do the weekly shopping is like taking a vacation.

11.   You forgot to put the wheelie bin out AGAIN.

12.   You will never be able to sort, process or print all the photo’s you have taken.

13.   You’ve been washing the same load of laundry for the third day in a row because you keep forgetting to dry them.

14.   You can do almost anything with one hand.

15.   You consider time on Facebook as spending time with your friends.

16.   You mop the floor, you know the kids are guaranteed to spill something.

17.   Your home is covered in valuable pieces of artwork that didn’t cost you a thing.

18.   You get poop on your hands and you don’t even flinch.

19.   Everything you do is an adventure.

20.   Your kids use your smartphone more than you do.

21.   There is nothing more excruciating than standing on Lego or a kinder surprise toy.

22.   You no longer laugh at the parents of hurricane hell raising children on Channel 4.

23.   You will spend most of your days with a howling resident on the bottom step of your stairs.

24.   Counting to three will be your most commonly used phrase.

25.   There is a finger in your ears, nose or mouth and it’s not yours.

26.   You prefer cuddling and kids movies to hitting pubs and clubs.

27.   You have discovered the miracle of YouTube Kinder Surprise videos.

28.   Picking up a baby and sniffing their butt is not only normal, it’s necessary.

29.   You don’t speak with adults but S-P-E-L-L.

30.   You have convinced your kids that hovering is a game.

31.   Receiving hand-me-downs is like winning the lottery.

32.   You save lives on a daily basis.

and finally – Becoming a parent is a life-changing experience that never ceases to amaze and you wouldn’t change it for the world. But you might trade in a few hours for some me-time!

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43 Comments on You Know You’re a Mammy When…

  1. This is fantastic. can relate to all of these. Except number 3, but only because i dont have a car 😉

  2. I had to chuckle at some of these – the one about considering Facebook as time with friends is so true, and I can’t stand those surprise egg videos but you just can’t get away from them! We haven’t worked out how to block them yet from the iPhone app!

    Carolyn #mummymonday

  3. Ahhh I love this list and I think I nodded yes to every single one. Oops I definitely can’t hide that I am a mom too. lol Glad we are all in this the same. Thanks for linking up to Share With Me. Hope to see you again this week for another great round. #sharewithme

  4. Sounds a lot like being a stay at home! Love the post! It made me laugh as it’s all true!

  5. So funny and so true! Hand me downs are the best, and showering alone is like the spa LOL the joys of mommyhood. I’m really enjoying your new linky! Great posts to read #LinkaList xx

  6. number 4 happens to me everyday…i sooo need a mug that can keep my coffee warm for hours… 🙂

  7. Wipes… I’ve lost track of the amount I’ve bought and he’s only 6 months old. Us Mammies keep the wipes companies in business! Funny how some many mummies can relate to a list like this 🙂

  8. HIlarious!! So very true – I bloody love going to the supermarket and what is this 20 minute shower with a locked door you speak of – it sounds heavenly!! 😉 Thanks for linking up to #Thelist

  9. Brilliant. I laughed at so many of these, especially numbers 5, 10, and 16. I am always following him around and picking him up to sniff his bum. Grabbing his crotch to see how full his nappy is also is a common occurrence. I have even wondered whether this contributes to them having their hands down their pants as they get older! 🙂

  10. Haha this is so true, I can relate to all of these! Who would have thought sniffing nappies and having an audience in the shower would become a normal part of our days. Now I don’t even bother locking the bathroom door as I will just have a 4 year old pounding on it anyway!

  11. I enjoyed reading your post a second time – I totally relate to the baby wipes, there’s always a pack within arms reach 🙂 #linkalist x

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