It was another anxious although exciting bump day. I had an appointment with my consultant to see peanut on the big screen to monitor development and to check her anatomy in view of the increased nuchal translucency seen by our sonographer at my ten week scan.

I went alone as the other half was working and unfortunately the Coombe have a no children policy at scans. Something I completely understand considering some of the news we have received but I would have loved have to taken Kayla along, to share the moment with her. She is really excited and already rearranging her room and drawing pictures of her little sister.


My doctor sensed my anxiety and within a few minutes of screen time she told me there was no visual structural abnormalities or soft markers present. Fantastic news! There are limitations to an ultrasound, something we are all aware of but the outcome is still very positive. Everything from the four chambers in the heart, along with vessels, the brain and spine all appeared normal.

Accepting the possibility of our baby having Down Syndrome has been hard, we have questioned our decision about refusing further tests and it has been very stressful at times. I’m a big worrier but I cannot praise our Doctor enough, she has been fantastic. Her empathy, compassion and bedside manner has been second to none. And no matter how our journey ends I will always remember her and for that I will always be thankful.

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  1. That’s lovely news. I went to the Coombe too. Didn’t realise they no longer allow children to the scans. I wish you good health and lots more good news. Keep us posted x

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