On Saturday I gave Frankie a spontaneous haircut, so there’s no cute ‘first haircut’ pictures. He’d been sporting a Mohawk complete with a sideburn of ringlets but the curls were getting a bit uncontrollable.

With my beloved samurai I gave him a quick trim around the edges and put his curls in a glass for safe keeping while I cleaned up the avalanche of hairs around the kitchen.

The glass somehow managed its way back into the cupboard.

Last night I came down for a glass of water and a Rennie (this baby is a chewbacca) on one of my midnight walks. This morning the other half was filling the dishwasher and noticed a suspicious substance in the end of one of the glasses. After some investigating we realised I had actually drank Frankie’s curls.


Don’t ask me how I didn’t notice but there they are, the few pathetic strands I’ve managed to salvage  from the glass.

Can we call this one baby brain?

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