My kids have a room full of toys. Kayla’s have built up over the past few years and in fairness she could sit in there for hours and play happily with her colourful imagination.


Frankie on the other hand has been spoilt in less than eleven months old with hundreds of euro’s worth of toys. While I buy a lot of second hand toys at a quarter of the price, he was spoilt at Christmas. Almost half of the gifts he received are under his cot, unopened because he has way too many. And if I’m completely honest he has no interest in any of them.

My baby likes to play with…

A tangle teaser


An old remote control


A cardboard box


Cooking utensils


Wipes and nappies

nappy head

…and finally Kayla’s kitchen and her Frozen dolls.




What does your baby like to play with?

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  1. That dude is ever so cute! I love the one with nappy on his head. lol

    The toys tale! I want to give up buying them for Livi as she wants to play with things that are supposed to be in the recycling bin! 😉

    • Big nappy head on him lol
      Loo rool, forgot to add loo roll. The left over cylinder he loves to chew. Why do we buy kids so many toys. It’s ridiculous. I’m giving the next baby in my house a box of all of the above haha

  2. Oh I love the nappy on the head! its a good look! My 8 month old just wants to play with her 4 year old sister’s toys. Tea sets and play food are the current favourites, though she just likes to chew them!

  3. My two are spoilt too the house is full of toys and half the time they don’t play with any of them ! my one year old loves pegs, baby wipes, and has an obsession with the hairbrush and tooth brush. And my six month old loves baby wipes, the remote and daddys mobile he wont play with his toys x #mummymonday

  4. I love the nappies and wipes photo – brilliant and definitely one for the 18th!! It’s so tru that we spend all this money on toys and they’d be happier with a toilet roll!! #mummymonday

  5. Hee hee, my 13 month old is similar! Lots of toys for Xmas and his birthday, yet he loves the plastic boxes in the kitchen, the oven trays and his brothers magnetic trains… 🙂

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