I recently shared my pregnancy announcement here on my blog, including a YouTube video of Kayla’s reaction. It has since gone viral. The video has been shared by thousands, with over 40K views since Tuesday evening. My four-year-olds response to the news has everyone a little teary eyed.

I collected her from school on Thursday and she was so excited to tell me the long list of names who had seen her video. She told me she was famous, that she was a little celebrity. Her words, not mine.

So of course I treated her like one for the day, we headed off into town yesterday, a mammy daughter date, no boys aloud. We went to Ann’s Bakery and into Lush one of her favourite shops. With a belly full of berries and hot chocolate she sniffed and danced around the store in excitement picking her favourite bath bombs. She picked the Unicorn horn and Granny Takes A Dip, great choices me thinks.

viral video

Her video has featured on the IrishMirror.ie, HerFamily.ie, Her.ie, Evoke, MummyPages, The Independent, Elite Daily, Family Friendly HQ and The Daily Edge. Her little face is taking over everyones newsfeeds.

If you have seen the video shared anywhere else, do let us know!

19 Comments on She’s Gone VIRAL!!

  1. Oh my that made me tear up. What a beautiful little girl you have. Congratulations, looking forward to following your pregnancy. xxx #MummyMonday

  2. This is fantastic! She is adorable so no wonder she went viral! Her response would make anyone get tearful. Glad she had a mummy daughter date as a response. Thanks for linking up to the #bigfatlinky

  3. Oh my goodness! That is absolutely precious! When we told our kids that we were pregnant with baby #3 my daughter was cheering and then was wiping her eyes. I asked her if she was crying and she told me they were tears of joy because she was so happy! I wish I had recorded it because it was a sweet moment. Your video made me tear up! Congratulations!

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