We recently got our hands on childrens book Robot Island, the latest in the series of Oisin the Brave books to review. The book is written by Irish couple Michelle Melville and Derek Mulveen. Derek also illustrated the book along with artist Valerie Bouthyette.

robot island review

The story is based in the magical Irish kingdom of Tir na N’Og and just like the first Oisin the Brave, Moon Adventures the books illustrations are captivating and suck the kids right in.

The book is based on Oisin, Orane and Irish Princess, Eire. We also meet lots of robots, one in particular we both took a liking too along with funny strange creatures throughout the book.

Oisin and Orane are on a quest to save a little robot that washes up to shore with little or no energy left. Just like in the first book both explorers head off through the Dolmen of Time on a quest across the sea’s to complete their mission, to help save a little robot. Although everything is not plain sailing on their voyage.

Again I love the traditional Irish names, the location and the Irish elements in the book. In the last few pages you will find a cupla focal as gaeilge and I enjoyed teaching Kayla some new Irish words that we had just read about.  I really enjoyed the book, it was colourful, exciting and funny, but my opinion doesn’t really matter. See what Kayla has to say…

Kayla’s Review

robot island review

I love my new Oisin the Brave book. Princess Eire is in it loads. I love princesses especially ones with red hair. My mammy says that’s really Irish and I’m Irish.

My book was singed (signed) by the author. Mammy is teaching me about who is behind the book, who writes and illustwrites (illustrates) the books we read.

This book has a green button on the dolmen of time too; it wasn’t in the last book. That makes me very very very happy.

I like this book because… (long pause) of the adventures in it. The whale talks funny, the little strange creatures look funny and sing funny and in the end they save the wee robot. He is so so cute.

I also love playing ‘where’s the worm’, a makey-up game, she is so cute aswell.

I really like this book but mammy says she can’t read it every single night of the week so sometimes I draw pictures of Princess Eire instead.

robot island review
I give it 10 out of 10

Oisin the Brave – Robot Island is €7.99 and available to purchase from all good bookstores and direct from Eires Kids. You can also check out Eires Kids on Facebook and Twitter.

*We were giving Oisin the Brave – Robot Island for reviewing purposes. All opinion are our own.

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