Confessions of an Irish Mammy is a hilarious mammy blog written by Laura Moran. Crawling through one day at a time she shares her stories of raising boys, her boisterous and energetic boys Darragh and Luke.

I have two boys. Currently, they are five and four and they’re a pair of lunatics. Here are some things I’ve learned from raising boys so far…

Confessions of an Irish Mammy | Raising Boys

They’re loud. Very LOUD. Almost always one or both of them is making some sort of karate chop noise, or a superhero / villain noise, or just shouting randomly as they run.

They’re a bundle of never-ending energy. They don’t sit still. Ever. Colouring, painting or any type of game that requires sitting lasts a few minutes before they’re back to running around like headless chickens and diving into furniture.

Games generally involve kicking the air, threatening to punch bad guys and being superheroes. My heart breaks when I’m asked to join in these games. “Mammy you pretend to be the bad guy and I’ll be Spiderman and you dive on the ground and roll and I’ll catch you and drag you to jail”

They love their willies! Be prepared for it to be wriggled in your direction while they shout “LOOK AT MY WILLIE!” any time they are stark naked. Also, any type of bottle or tube will be stuck on it at bath time and they will laugh hysterically.

As much bravado as they put on, my boys love their mammy. In sickness and in health, it’s mammy they look for. Just this morning they argued over who gets to marry me. Total ego boost for me! ‘Now now boys, you can both marry me’.

They will act tough in front of other boys. I am no longer authorized to kiss my five-year-old in the school yard. If I attempt this, he will run away as if I’m firing balls of acid at him. I get my cuddles and kisses at bedtime. I’m like some sort of dirty secret that no-one can know about!

Boys fight hard and loud! They face off, they roar, the fists come out. They’re like a pair of wild animals puffing out their chests and claiming their territory. I’m only short of buying a referees t-shirt and a whistle. It ends just as quickly and I’m usually worse off for it than the two of them.

They wreck my house they wreck my head, and they also make me smile and laugh out loud like nobodies business!

Confessions of an Irish Mammy | Raising Boys

They’re my little treasures, my very loud little treasures!

You can read more hilarious posts on raising boys over on Laura’s blog Confessions of an Irish Mammy or follow her on Facebook.

19 Comments on Raising Boys | Confessions of an Irish Mammy

  1. Once we have our children it is hard to imagine life without them, their noise, their laughter, their mess not to mention the sleepless nights. Enjoy your boys and the life they bring to your house and home.

  2. I have two girls so thankfully haven’t had to dragged to jail much (yet!). It’s funny how different boys and girls can be from the very beginning, I remember a friend of mine had a boy after having a girl and couldn’t get over how he would automatically treat every stick as a sword!

  3. So cute, made me laugh, as a mum of two girls I live in a very different world to you but the bundle of energy I can testify is common to both genders zzzzzzzzzzzzzz !!! x

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