Today I decided to get creative with little man. I made a sensory bag filled with gels, glitters, buttons and paint. I then taped it to his high chair and it surprisingly entertained him for over thirty minutes.

To make a sensory bag you will need a zip lock freezer bag, some paints (optional), glitters, buttons and gel. In the first bag I added some different coloured paints along with some sparkly glitter. I sealed the bag and then taped it to his tray. I used white tape so he wouldn’t try pull at it.


Next I used some of daddies hair gel adding some glitter and button. He played with this one for ages. He loved the air bubbles that formed and moving the little button around.

sensory bag play

You can add anything you like to the sensory bags and get more creative each time you make one. I am going to add some beads next time.

As baby gets bigger you could also duck tape the edges of the bag and allow baby to play with it on the floor fully supervised of course. Also keep babies nails trimmed little fingernails could puncture the bag.

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