So over the past couple of months Hasbro, the creators of Play-Doh have been under fire over an extruder tool from the Cake Mountain set on sale this Christmas. I’ve read comments on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and one woman even claimed her Christmas was ruined. Yes, it actually RUINED her Christmas. Seriously where has people’s sense of humour gone?

playdoh extruder tool

So I put Kayla to the test this morning and asked her what it was. And you will not believe what my four-year-old daughter said. She told me it was ‘the best icing maker ever’. She didn’t mention penis, willy or anything sexual because SHE IS A CHILD. She does not look at play toys and sexualize them. If she did I would be very concerned. My Christmas was not ruined. Her Christmas was not ruined. Nobody’s Christmas was ruined. It’s a bloody toy! If a child looks at this and sees it as anything more than a toy, parents have more issues to address than the toy itself.


Play-Doh have announced they will replace the extruder tool for anyone who is offended. I for one will not be exchanging the icing dispenser even if the swirl pattern screams ‘ribbed for her pleasure’.

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  1. Woah I must live under a rock because I was totally oblivious to that. You are right though it’s not the child who sexualises the item and if it was then there is a problem.

  2. My little girl had a doll’s bottle that was so wierdly fallic. Every time I saw it made me giggle but sure she was none the wiser. I would love to know the background as to how it ruined that lady’s Christmas.

  3. Haha love this. I have seen the posts on Facebook and thought it was a bit funny. We need to let them be kids and stop putting our negative-ness in their heads. Great post and if we had that set i’d keep it too.

  4. I must admit – this was the first post I thought I wanted to comment on!! But I wholeheartedly agree – as you say…… ‘its a bloody toy’!!!! Some people really need to get over themselves I think. I’d never heard of all the uproar, and I can see that it looks a bit ‘willy’ like but hey – as long as the kids are oblivious, content and happy, then so am i!!! Well said lovely!! Steph xxx Thanks so much for linking up #SundayStars

  5. Haha hun! If we had one I reckon I would have been oblivious but bindis hear all of the uproar about it. It’s a toy, for little kiddies who enjoying playing and being creative. Like good old fashioned childhood should be. Xx

  6. Well said!!!!!! I can see why parents had a shock but you are right, if their children had the same thoughts it is certainly not Play-Doh’s fault!

  7. This is a great post and it did make me titter. I can’t believe one mum said it had ruined her Christmas. She really needs to get some perspective. Thanks for linking up to #SundaysStars. Hugs Mrs H xxxx

  8. I love this! you’re so right, a child who’s young enough to want to make icing out of play doh really shouldn’t have any point of reference for whether it looks like a penis. I’m so glad your Christmas wasn’t ruined by hysteria! Found you through #MummyMondays x

  9. I completely agree with what you’ve said. I did however have a little chuckle when I saw the picture being shared on facebook etc! Thanks so much for linking up this fab post! And hope to see you next time #mummymonday (co-host) x

  10. Oh how funny – this is the first I’ve heard – or seen – of this! Love your take on it 🙂 #mummymonday

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