Yummy Mummy Christmas Giveaway

If you are a general manager of chaos, the CEO of your family enterprise, a chauffeur, facilities manager, a mediator, psychologist, master chef, events manager, nurse and a marketing director, then this is the giveaway for you.

I have a hamper worth €300 to giveaway to one lucky mum as a reward to say THANK YOU for all the hours you work each day that sometimes may make you feel unpaid, unnoticed and unappreciated.

yummy mummy giveaway

The hamper includes the following…

Cocoa Brown gift set

2 x Dream Dots

€25 Totes Amaz Bags voucher

A Present For My mum book

€25 Love 2 Shop voucher

John Frieda Luxurious Volume complete hair regime

2 x WaterWipes sensitive make-up removal

Real Techniques your eyes/enhanced starter set

Impress press-on manicure nails

Kiss Gel Fantasy nails

Nuxe face and eye hydrating mask

Beverly Hills Formula perfect white toothpaste

Burt’s Bee lip shine

Wet n Wild bronzer

P20 Sun Protection

Seba Med Liquid face & body wash

Mavala nail treatments

BarryM lip gloss

Eylure brow stencils

To top off all of these amazing treats the lucky winner will also receive this beautiful large winter bouquet worth €54 delivered direct from FlowerStore.ie (delivery within Ireland only).

flower store

I would love to be able to give one of these hampers to each and every one of you because lets face it WE ALL DESERVE IT!!

You can enter the #yummymummygiveaway by following this link: a Rafflecopter giveaway



The giveaway is open to Ireland and UK residents only.
Competition closes 18th of December at 6pm.
Winner will be announced on 18th of December at 9pm.
Winner must claim within 24hr or an alternative will be chosen.
The flower bouquet will be dispatched separately and can only be delivered within Ireland.

111 Comments on Yummy Mummy Christmas Giveaway

  1. Seriously fab giveaway kelly. I’d love to win so I could lock myself in the bathroom and spend about three hours beautifying!!

  2. fab giveaway kelly would love to win as a mamma of 6 kids very seldom get a treat for myself and wouldnt let me comment on your blog 🙁

  3. Wow fantastic prize. I could definitely use this to look like a yummy mummy rather than the pale unkempt exhausted mummy I am at the moment 😉

  4. Would love to win this to pamper myself I suffer from anxiety so this would a really lovely prize to help me de-stress.

  5. Would love to win this hamper as being honest i never ever do anything for myself, even in the run up to christmas. Like most mammies I’d say. But tbh i can’t even remember the last time i pampered myself and by saying that i mean even putting a face mask on never mind a bit of make up or false tan. With 3 kids life is very hectic. I look like a slummy mummy and I’d love My Little Babog to be my fairy godmother and turn me into yummy mummy by picking me to win this hamper.

  6. This prize is absolutely amazing… It would be nice to be able to look after myself for once! 🙂 Im a tired not so yummy mummy ha.. Entered 🙂 x

  7. I’d love to win because I just fell down steps and cut my knees and hands 🙁 I’m in need of some pampering and this would be more than perfect!! Feeling very sorry for myself!!

  8. I’d love this for my amazing Mum she does everything for everyone and never expects anything back in return she deserves this and a million times more but this alone would be amazing x

  9. wow … I am a mummy who would dearly appreciate to hear the news I won this fabulous prize 🙂 I would absolutely love to have some pamper time…. 🙂 I would almost have to look up the word pamper up in the dictionary at this stage lol I have a little boy and I think he has an inbuilt radar that tells him to call Mommyyyyyyy , every time I sit down.. ( which is not often 🙂 ) Oh how I would love to treat myself to a time out 🙂 and for just once, take some time for myself.. This is a wonderful hamper of all things beautiful … I think if I won it might just look at it for ages in awe lol It would be fantastic to have this under the tree from Santa Babog … it would bring lots of smiles and time outs lol wow xx

  10. oops I better say bring lots of timeouts for me lol in case my post was confusing.. I am just excited about entering this competition… my timeouts would be when it’s quiet .. aww .. bliss… an evening of treating myself … it would be nice to look and feel alive again.. thanks.. good luck all xx

  11. Amazing prize..id love to win… and this would be a very big help for me this Christmas… Thank you for this chance..Merry Christmas

  12. Would love to win this as im 10 weeks pregnant and have had terrible morning sickness for the last 4 weeks,havent done any xmas shopping,am missing all the parties and nights out,cant even manage a trip to the hairdresser to sort out my roots and my poor daughter is 5 on 21st and i cant see how im going to manage a party for her,could really do with a pick me up x

  13. I deserve it because I have been a good young man throughout the year and it’s something to enjoy during Christmas.

  14. I’ve had to completely neglect myself the past few years to take care of my 3 boys and my disabled husband and would really like to be able to do something for me for a change. My poor hair definitely needs pampering and I can’t remember the last time I got made up 🙂

  15. Fabulous prize love to win this would be such a treat .as a v busy mum of 3 I sometimes get forgotten this would be amazing

  16. I can’t leave a message where it says to so I putting it here! I have four babies each one as beautiful and precious as the next and at times mammy just needs a break, or a little treat! I think I’m definately in for the bonus ball as far as being overdue for a little something special😣

  17. I once was a yummy mummy, I am trying to bounce back after the death of my daughter, and need something to lift my spirits and make me feel good about myself again.

  18. Simply just because I’d love some ME time, I don’t get any these days with an over active 1 year old boy!! Would love it x ❤️

  19. I’m definitely a mummy but feeling slightly less than yummy. I would love a treat. This would be great because I could share with my sister who is just getting over a stroke and trying to sort Christmas for hubby and four children. She definitely deserves something nice!

  20. Would love this as we”ve our first baby on the way in march and we just bought our first home so ill be havin a v quiet xmas!!!

  21. I’d love a girlie night in and to be able to treat myself and sisters to a relaxing night of pampering and giggles.

  22. I would love to win this and split the prize with my own mam. I really don’t know what pampering is anymore!

  23. I would love to win the hamper. My little treasure arrived 7 weeks early back in April and he has brought so much joy to us all. I am heading back to work in january and could do with the hamper of goodies to help me look good going back 🙂

  24. I know people think small kids are hard work but if anything theres definitely more running around when they are teenagers.I leave home at 7.30am and get home at 6.30pm.Between the school run, full time work, house work, shopping, taxi service and a husband who works 6 days a week at the other end of the country I’m run ragged.People assume you can’t be tired unless you have small kids, wanna bet!

  25. I think I deserve this hamper as I am a first time mum currently on maternity leave. I am heading back to work on the 5th of jan. I would love to be able to afford to pamper myself before I went back to work. And it would help with incentive for getting fit again, would be so nice to have a treat.

  26. I need this at the moment. I see all these happy yummy mummies and i wonder how they do it. I have 1 yr old and 2 yr old, and i never have anytime for myself. I think this prize would certainly help me on my way to be a yummy mummy!

  27. I’d love this for my niece Louise, she’s been such a rock these past 2 months since her Mums cancer diagnosis despite having 3 young kids the youngest is only 6 months. She’s staying strong for all the family & really deserves some “me” time, although she’d never ask for anything

  28. I’d love to win this. With two daughters aged 16 and 10 my me time is limited. I’d like to feel less mummy and more yummy, for a little while anyway 🙂

  29. I’m a single mum who never does anything for myself. Kids first, ALWAYS. Id love to pamper myself for a night when kids are tucked up in bed

  30. My mummy deserves a break . My mummy is one of the strongest and bestest . She puts everyone before herself , she struggles herself but she always helps her best to give us kids what she can . My mummy lost her sister and brother to cancer, 9 weeks apart from each other, this has given my mummy a hard year but it didn’t stop her from being the loving, caring , big hearted woman and who is always on the go for the family or friends, my mummy needs a break and definetly deserves one xx

  31. I’m entering this for MY yummy mummy: she & Dad have been together 59 years this Dec. 29th. For the last couple of years Dad’s health hasn’t been great and this year he was diagnosed with cancer. I’m good with practical things so 5 days a week for 3 months I drove him up to Dublin & back for radiotherapy, leaving Mum to keep the show on the road down here in Wexford. It was only when he’d finished treatment that I realised what a big deal it was for her being left alone everyday not knowing how he was getting on and keeping cheerful & positive to keep his spirits up. I’d love her to get something just for her to show our appreciation of all that she does, and to be honest, simply because in my eyes, my Mum rocks!

  32. I would love to win this hamper to share it with the other wonderful mummies in my life – my mum, my mum-in-law,my two sisters-in-law, and two amazing Aunties that are like second mums to me 🙂

  33. Desperate need of some TLC and Mummy Me time this Christmas – Top of my wish list would be 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep please Santa!

  34. It’s a wonderful hamper and I’d have great fun going through it with two daughters – keeping the best bits for myself, of course!

  35. I deserve it because with a 16 month old I never get me time! She is still being breastfed and even demand I share my bath with her lol

  36. I would love to win the hamper – 6 days a week at the gym, a 10 year old daughter with a hectic after school social life, I volunteer for the Irish Girl Guides so spend a couple of evenings a week with Guides and Brownies. I’m either covered with sweat or glue and glitter! It would be great to pamper myself for a change!

  37. I think I deserve it because I work 2 jobs & am constantly at therapy session with my son who is autistic & another son getting tested. To be honest im exhausted but on the outside I still smile but what im really doing on the inside is crying my heart out. :'( Hard times xx

  38. I think I deserve the hamper because I spent 2 hours today scrubbing the sick out of my car, the joys of a 15 month old projectile vomiting everywhere, an hour away from home… ha we have all been their ehhh ladies 🙂 😉 xxx

  39. I think my mam deserves this,as she spends every penny she has treating and spoiling us, so I would love to return the love to her, let her be spoiled for once. Thanks a mill!

  40. I would love the hamper because I’m a very busy mum of teenagers and work as a childminder so keeping them all happy means a hectic household.

  41. Hope this competition is open to a ‘Yummy’ granny (hee hee)!!! I look after my two Granddaughters after school every day and during the school holidays. I treasure my time with them even though it is tiring, but I’m aware childcare is very expensive and I am very happy to do it! Must mention I am greatly appreciated!!

  42. 5 kids and no time not to mention been broke. After feeding and clothing and shoes all round for them. I can’t afford make up to hide how bad i look never mind the fact that my clothes are 10 yrs old. But to b pampered with all them goodies would b like a little piece of heaven..

  43. I’m not a yummy mummy but I would give this to my mum who is not only a fabulous mother but my best friend! She’s helped me through a lot this year and I think she deserves a treat! 🙂

  44. After such a stressful year (new baby, new house, new job, new city), a pampering hamper like this would set me up for a fresh start in 2015! It may also hide the fact that I have aged ten years in ten months…

  45. because i try my best to be the best mum to my kids and sometimes levae myself and my own needs far behind,this would be a fantastic treat for me to win xxx

  46. i think we al deserve this reading the comments above ! 😉
    i deserve to win because im a mam of two lovely boys and even though i love spending time on them i would like this lovely giveaway to spend a little time on myself xxx merry xmas

  47. Hi there,
    I deserve this hamper because it is nearly time for me to go back k to work after my maternity leave on baby number 2 and I am dreading leaving my little men for forty hours a week, I’ve loved being off with them, but this hamper will make me feel a little bit better and maybe cheer me up so I’m not so emotional and sad joining the real world again!

  48. I deserve it to pamper myself and have some me time as i have a 6 year old boy and am almost 7months pregnant be great to have such a lovely treat

  49. I would love this hamper to give to my mother – as a sign of appreciation and love since she has done so much for me!

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