Not so long ago I began to worry about Frankie’s development, he hated tummy time, he had yet to roll over and he was still drinking six to seven bottles a day. I began comparing him to other babies his age and started fretting over his development.

Then one evening I went in to check on him and he was sleeping on his tummy, i had yet to witness it but the ‘rollover’ was complete. The following morning he blurted out mama, fast forward two weeks and he’s recognising signs, he sits up unaided and he’s clapping hands.

Now I’m afraid to blink. He’ll be riding Tinkerbell our lab like a cowboy around the house soon. Frankie is roaming through the house, exploring, marking his territory, letting us know who is boss. When I’m cooking dinner he creeps around the fridge, practically hanging out of his walkers expressing his interest in whatever is on the menu.

Last week I was making a stir-fry, their he was loitering about, so I gave him a slice of yellow pepper. Assuming he would throw it away, he gnawed, chewed and demolished every last piece. Tinkerbell has some competition; she normally gets the left-overs.

My boy is going to be talking, walking and answering back before I know it. I was wishing time away, rushing precious moments for the sake of competing with others, now I just want to rewind every milestone. It’s been a rollercoaster the past couple weeks, I’m overwhelmed with how quick my baby is growing.

Can we just pause this moment?

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  1. I get that. Feels like i spent a lot of time when my youngest was a baby saying “it’ll be easier when he’s able to do…whatever” and now i look at my “babies” 5.5 and 3.5 respectively. One in school and the other just enrolled for next september! And i wonder where the time’s going and how scary it is that every year seems to be going quicker. . This year i just blinked, and it’s almost over, and they’re not babies at all anymore.

  2. Oh I hear you!! Time just goes by so fast doesn’t it? It’s almost as if L can sense me worrying about something he hasnt done because the next day he’ll do it and prove me wrong! We also have a lab, Murphy and L loves nothing more than to try ride him as if he’s a horse! at the moment!

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