A Dribble Stop Top is a soft cotton vest with a built-in pocket made of a specialized waterproof material which allows babies skin to remain comfortable, dry and safe during the dribbling stages of teething. It’s a multi-award winning innovative product created by two mums Tracy and Emma. The Dribble Stop Top and it’s discreetly integrated bib acts as a barrier to stop dribbles soaking through onto baby’s delicate skin. It also has an extra high neckline that completely covers and protects the baby’s chest area. 


The toddler is two now, he spent most of his early years drooling, he would soak through bibs in minutes. I remember clearly that the vest itself was a perfect fit; the sizing was spot on and accurate. I remember raving about the quality of the jersey material. The Dribble Stop Top did exactly what it said on the tin, it collected all his spit, I know it sounds disgusting but he never once suffered from a rash on his chest whilst wearing a Dribble Stop Top considering the amount of saliva he produced.


Sorry for the quality of the photo, I had to hold it up into natural light to get a picture of his dribbles collected in the hidden pocket – this was after three-hours. I genuinely love the top, my only flaws two years with Dribble Stop Top are that they are only available in three colours; pink, blue and white. I would have loved to see the range expanded with a wider variety of colours and designs. And today I still feel the same. The wobbler isn’t much of a drooler right now but the new babog has given the toddler a run for her money. My gawd she produces barrels of drool, it’s inhumane. I’ve no sooner changed a bib or wiped her mouth and she’s soaking again. I’ve still got the toddlers Dribble Stop Tops (a set sent for review and some I have purchased) and I ordered another set last week in a size up because I absolutely love them. They were invaluable with the boy.

I may be overly cautious about preventing rashes but their skin is so precious but I can rest assured there will be no disturbed sleep due to the babog having a cold and wet chest just like I did with the toddler. I highly recommend them!


For more information check out their website.

This is an updated review. The original dribble stop tops (almost two years ago) were sent to us for review purposes. I’ve bought six more since.


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