Dream Dots patches claim to heal, calm, clear and purify your skin. The little patches contain a special gel in an adhesive disc that creates a moist healing environment when applied overnight. A week or so after receiving my gift, a spot formed. So I applied the little see-through disc onto the affected area as directed and left it overnight, and eh morning. They are so discreet, almost invisible; I forgot it was there. I went to my first ever school run with Kayla, Dream Dot included, thankfully nobody noticed.

I’m pretty gross and normally pop my spots, I know it’s disgusting. So I was very happy after my first application, I really could see a dramatic difference. My violent red spot had turned more of a pale pink, noticeably calmer. After my second application the following evening my spot had indeed disappeared, it vanished overnight although the affected area was a little tender to touch.

I would recommend Dream Dots to anyone who suffers from an occasional acne breakout. Having had awful skin throughout my pregnancy, I only wish they had have been available then too. They will always have a place in my drawers amongst many lotions and potions. Dream Dots are available in all good pharmacies or on dreamdotsforspots.com and a pack of 24 will cost you €14.99.

I received this product in return for an honest review

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