When your baby reaches the milestone of cutting their first tooth it’s certainly an exciting time. Although to get there you endure sleepless nights and some frantic ordeals trying to soothe your baby. Baby endures some awful, sometimes very painful, swollen and inflamed gums – not forgetting the barrels of drool they produce. 

Unfortunately, teething is a long process. Teething begins at different ages. A high majority of babies start teething at five months old. Just when baby starts to sleep through the night, teething arrives. Teething is a huge step towards your baby growing up.

Some parents reach for medicated potions, creams, and granules to help ease baby and toddlers pain. It’s something I did on my first child anyways. Fretting at night as I was on my last squeeze of teething gel etc. I won’t lie I do have my presses stocked with many medicated teething solutions but this time I’m going to try to alternate some home remedies before reaching for the easy way out and filling my baby with crap. So here are some of my top non-medicated remedies to help ease babies pain:


A fantastic and non-medicated teething remedy for teething babies
1. Squeeze all the air from the nipple of a soother
2. Submerge the soother in the water and release nipple slowly allowing it to fill with water
3. Freeze and give it to baby
Keep two soothers so you can rotate. Also never give a soother directly from the freezer, allow soother to thaw to prevent sticking and watch for freeze burns.

This technique may not be compatible with some soothers.


This one is so simple, why not try freezing or dampening a washcloth.
1. Soak washcloth in chamomile tea (optional, plain water can be used also)
2. Wring out
3. Place in freezer or fridge

Try out different temperatures of coldness for your baby. If they don’t seem to enjoy the sensation, you can also try a damp cloth or tie knots in a dry one. Some babies enjoy chewing the hardness of the knots. Chamomile is optional and has been proven to help soothe and relax your teething baby.


Home-made ice-pops are trending all over the world at the moment but realistically we couldn’t give a baby a popsicle-stick. Make a healthy, delicious, numbing soother-pop with your babies soother.
1. Chop some fruit, add water and blend
2. Place in a small container or large ice-cube moulds
3. Place soother facing downwards into container or moulds
4. Freeze
As they get bigger you can use ice-pop moulds and you will not need to blend the fruits. It’s a great snack on sunny days to refresh baby/toddler too. Again allow thawing to avoid sticking and never leave baby unattended with soother-pops. Also just like children and adults be cautious of freeze burns. Breastfeeding moms can express and make their own milk-pops too.


The Clevamama mesh feeder is a safe way to help prevent your baby choking when the weaning process begins. Baby can enjoy natural flavors, textures and goodness of fresh food safely without the risk of choking. By adding some chilled or frozen fruits such as banana, cucumber and mango’s you can help soothe painful gums.


Many teething rings contain a liquid-filled center. If you decide to purchase a liquid-filled teething ring, be sure to check it’s made of durable material, also freezing some liquid-filled teething rings can cause it to rupture or crack. If punctured in any way, the teething ring can leak. Parents have been advised not to use teething rings made by RC2 brands. Always read the labels on any baby teething toys, check what materials they are made from. Teething toys made of latex or silicone are safe.


Wooden teething toys have been used for generations. My Nanny recommended chilling a large wooden spoon in the fridge as an old-school solution to teething pain. If Kayla wasn’t chewing on the spoon she was playing the drums in her high-chair so it was great entertainment for her too.


MikaB teething jewellery can be found in vibrant colors, bangles suitable from birth, pendant necklaces in various different shapes and beautifully ribboned necklaces, my personal favourite costing €9.50- €16.50 a piece.

MIkaB teething jewellery is made from non-toxic, food grade silicone. It is the same kind of silicon you will find in baby soothers and baby bottle nipples. They come with a breakaway clasp for extra safety and comfort. Mikab teething jewellery complies with very rigorous EN71 toys safety standard. Dominika the owner and creator recommends, you throw it away if you see any signs of damage or wear and tear. Also. it’s recommended that MikaB teething pendants and necklaces are not toys so never leave them baby unattended with it. All teething jewellery can be washed with soap and warm water.


Watching Frankie constantly chewing on his hands during early stage teething really frustrated me. He looked somewhat vicious, almost gnawing on his poor little hands. That’s when I started researching and came across the gummee glove. Recommended for babies from three-to-six months old, the gummee glove is designed for babies that are too young to grasp a teething toy. It comes with a detachable water filled teething ring for easy sterilizing and refrigerating. With an adjustable velcro closure to fit most babies and various bite-able protrusions with easy accessibility for baby. The gummee glove complies with EN71 & is BPA, phthalate & latex free and passed all safety tests.


An ingenious product created by two moms. The Dribble Stop Top is made of soft cotton jersey material, letting babies skin remain comfortable, dry and safe. Due to a built-in pocket made of a specialized waterproof material with skin-like breath-ability. The discreet dribble stop protection acts as a barrier to stop dribbles soaking through onto babies delicate skin. The pocket is hidden inside the top which completely covers and protects the babies chest area. With an extra high neckline, it ensures maximum coverage. You can be assured there will be no more disturbed sleep due to the baby having a cold and wet chest.

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