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Pregnancy Update Week 33


I’m feeling very pregnant, up until this point I’ve pretty much winged it. Then this heatwave landed and it has knocked me for six. At 33 weeks pregnant I’m walking around the house half-naked, windows and doors open and spraying myself with mist every ten minutes. Did I mention I’m showering 3-4 times a day? I couldn’t care less what destruction the kids get up to while I’m in there. (more…)

Pregnancy Update : Week 33

Do you hear that? The pitter patter of rain? Imagine an Irish person giving out about the little bit of sunshine we get on our little island and during the summer of all times. But it’s bliss, we’ve no excuses not to be out exploring parks entertaining the kids. Instead we had showers this morning, got into fresh pj’s and chilled for the day. There was even naps. (more…)