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The Difference Between Your First Born & Third Born

First Born -V- Third Born - 10 Things You'll Do Differently
​Since becoming a first-time mum almost six years ago I have learned so much about myself, my children and parenting in general. My first-born was almost a science experiment; everything was trial and error. Visitors were sanitized, daddy was sanitized, everything was sanitized while baby number two was practically feeding himself on day two. Here I have compiled a list of things that don’t tend to happen a second and third time round you bring your precious newborn home – the truth about your third.


Two Under Two

siblings two under two

Can you see the cobwebs in the corner? Halloween is well and truly over, I know! I haven’t been very active the past few months, it’s just so busy here with two under two. I’ve been struggling to find a balance and some sort of routine. Most days we can be found cuddling up on the sofa watching Paw Patrol on Netflix, yah for shitty cold weather! (more…)

Missing Little Miss

Co-parenting can suck! My sugar-plum fairy is on her holidays with her daddy seven days now. So that’s seven whole days since I last seen her. And it will be another two before I can squeeze her little face again. I talk to her pretty much everyday on the phone but in fairness our phone calls consist of her asking me what ‘surprises’ have arrived in the post for her and then her telling me ‘i’ll let you go now’ like she has better things to be doing.