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My Surprise Baby Shower

On Friday night the other half came home from work and began hovering the house from top to bottom. washed all the floors, scrubbed the bathroom AND put away two weeks worth of washing. I watched on from the sofa, questioning his motifs but assumed he was just helping an eight-month pregnant girl out. I can’t even bend over anymore without the one-year-old mocking me with oohs and ah’s. (more…)

Pregnancy Update : Week 35

Pregnancy is a pain in my back side the past week, literally. I’m in a hoop with my lower back. I’ve been having lots of hot baths, rubbing tennis balls, using hot water bottles and resting when I can (which is hard with a 15m old). The pain subsides for an hour or two but then returns once I become active again. When dad is home I literally plonk my ass down and don’t move. This has resulted in beans on toast for dinner on a number of occasions but they’re been fed that’s all that matters, right?


Kayla records a short film for RTE’s Kidspeak

Last month a researcher, Sharon, from RTE came across my blog an emailed us to see we were interested in recording a piece on RTEjr’s Kidspeak. Kidspeak is a series of 30-60 second standalone films that are broadcast daily between shows within the TRTE and RTEjr schedules. They run all year round and present short ‘snapshots’ of young people engaged in a variety of activities. (more…)

The Last Scan

For those of you who have been following my blog the past few months you’ll be aware that we had some devastating news at our ten weeks scan and had a long wait to find out the faith of our unborn baby girl. There’s been stressful times and we’ve had alot of big decisions to make, scans and long worrying nights. (more…)


I know I have a bun in the oven but bloody hell I’m roasting. It’s sweating outside. It’s sweating inside. It’s sweating in the car. It’s sweating in the shower. There’s no escaping it. The heat is killing me. It’s sticky, there’s no breeze, my sun cream is melting off my arm, I cannot cope. I’m hormonal in general but today I sobbed hysterically for a good ten minutes just because I was just too warm. The five year old thinks I’ve lost the plot altogether. I have though, I’m giving out about summer, the sun and the sun in summer in Ireland.


Thrombocytopenia & Pregnancy

I’ve had thrombocytopenia about six years now, it was initially detected during a routine blood test but has only ever become an issue during pregnancy. I attend the Medical Clinic in the Coombe so my bloods can be monitored on a regular basis, at present I have a blood test fortnightly. My platelets tend to vary between 60,000 – 100,000 during pregnancy and tend to rise above 100,000 within a week of delivery. (more…)

Pregnancy Update Week 28

This really has to be one of the quickest pregnancies ever, I’ve now entered the last trimester and I’m feeling great. I had an appointment in the Coombe last week and something very strange happened, I was home at 10.20am. There was no queue in the carpark, reception, with the doctors, not even in the toilets. It was very weird. (more…)

26 Week Update

The weeks seem to be flying by; my little babog will be here in 14 weeks. This week she weighs approximately 1.75lbs and measures roughly 14 inches long. I’ve been describing her size in fruit to Kayla so this week she’s a lettuce.

It’s all very exciting now especially for Kayla, she mesmerized watching and feeling her baby sisters little jabs and punches. She’s singing songs to her and listening to the little gurgles coming from my bump. The highlight of the week was when she also spotted the beginnings of the linea nigra on my belly and she tried to baby-wipe it off. I still laugh when I think about it!

The heartburn has returned but nowhere near as bad as it was on Frankie, it’s still early days but hopefully it won’t get any worse. My weird chalk pregnancy craving has returned yet again. However I have managed to substitute it so far with Rennie, chalk lollies and Silvermints.

I’m feeling pretty exhausted the past few weeks. Frankie is a handful, he’s a boy, he turns everything into a weapon and I’m finding myself saving his life on a hourly basis. He’s climbing, diving and exploring everything. He normally sleeps through the night but another teething spell landed and daddy and I found ourselves walking the walls at all hours. Fortunately for daddy, Frankie only wants mammy cuddles so it’s normally me who does most of the late night trips.

My bump is growing rapidly and I’m getting more uncomfortable by the day. My pregnancy pillow has made a reappearance and it’s heaven. I don’t know how I ever got through Kayla’s pregnancy without one. This week I also had a couple of Braxton Hicks and they frightened the living day lights out of me. I don’t remember getting them so earlier on the others.

I can’t believe how quick this pregnancy is going with only a little over three months left to go. I really need to get my finger out and start looking into prams soon. We’ve got a Mothercare Orb and I love it, it’s in mint condition but the little man will only be 15 months when his sister arrives so we’ll really need to get a double pram. We can’t afford a new one so I’ll be checking out second hand ones over the coming weeks, I haven’t a clue where to even start (all suggestions welcome!).

This week has been a tough one emotionally. I’ve lost count the amount of times I’ve burst into tears. This one guy behind the ‘help button’ of a ticket machine in my local Shopping Centre was an absolute d***head earlier this week. I lost my ticket and after ten minutes of explaining I had no money left and that I was well within the two-hour free parking time he continuously repeated there was a ten euro lost ticket charge. I swear if I wasn’t pregnant and I didn’t have a wailing one-year-old with me I would have driven straight through the barrier and through his front door.

To top of my week I’ve been very clumsy; my brain is just not with it. I broke my phone. I took the wing mirror clean of my car. And then I was four minutes late picking Kayla up from school and she’s yet to forgive me.

This week I’ve an antenatal appointment and I’m dying to see my little lady dancing around inside on the big screen and I’ll also be meeting an anesthesiologist to review my options during labour, most likely if my platelets drop again due to my thrombocytopenia I won’t be allowed an epidural. I’ve never had one and I’ve had two pretty quick births so I’m not too concerned.

Hitting the 26 weeks mark has been a huge sigh of relief with everything that has happened throughout my pregnancy. I feel like now I can relax and enjoy it a little bit more. I’m certainly enjoying the napping and cake.