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Baby Brain

Juggling a newborn, a wobbler and a senior infant has my brain completely fried. Lack of sleep and the major life change has me exhausted. Resulting in me being extremely forgetful, so forgetful that I almost reversed out of my driveway while the newborn slept soundly in her car seat on the sofa IN THE HOUSE. And that’s not all, I’ve been an absolute disaster the past few weeks. Baby brain is at a peak. (more…)

The Clean Freak – A Dettol Giveaway


I’ve a little confession to make. I’m a clean freak. Some may even say I have a touch of OCD. I love nothing more than a deep clean. We have a Labrador Tinkerbell and she sheds hair like there is no tomorrow, it does my head in. So if I’m not hovering up her hair, I’m scrubbing sticky floors and doors. (more…)

My Unplanned Home Birth : Kadie’s Birth Story

It all began when I went for my weekly check-up on Wednesday the 19th of August. I thought I’d be kept in for an induction but my obstetrician kindly listened to my plea of wanting to labour spontaneously and gave me a couple of days grace, under conditions of returning on Friday to have another blood test to monitor my platelets. She gave me a sweep to get things moving and I was on my way… (more…)

Pregnancy Update : Week 37

What a week it has been. My poor mammy spent a few days in hospital with a really bad kidney infection and her bloods were all over the place. She’s normally only a phone call or five-minute drive away or she can be found in my house helping with the kids so it’s been hectic with the other half working 12 hour shifts. It made me realise how much I actually depend on her and take her for granted. She does so much for me, I’m lost without her this week. (more…)