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Win 1 of 3 Lottie Dolls

Some of you may already know but I’m a Lottie Doll Ambassador. Before I even began working with Lottie I was genuinely passionate about her. I love how age appropriate Lottie is, she’s very relatable for young children, recommended for kids aged 3-9. She has no make-up, heels or jewellery. She wears clothes kids would wear in real-life. She is ethnically diverse, with a range of eye, hair and skin colours. Each Lottie Doll has a back story and she loves adventures and the outdoors and use her imagination. She’s a positive, non-gender stereotypical toy and promotes creative imagination play, a positive healthy view on body image and she encourages and empowers young children. (more…)

Kawaii Karate Lottie

LOTTIE is a ‘pro-girl’ doll based on the average proportions of a 9-year-old. She presents a healthy view on body image and is a positive role model for young children.

Each Lottie has a beautiful story with an adventurous background. Our Kawaii Karate Lottie trains hard to master her technique. Even though Kayla does Taekwon Do, it’s structure is very similar. Karate is also more than self-defence, it teaches respecting yourself and to always try to be a better person, being courteous to others and not using karate when you are angry. And Lottie promotes all of this in her story.

Our Kawaii Karate Lottie included:
Karate gi (Karate training uniform consisting of jacket, trousers)
A white belt (obi)
Rising sun headband
Yellow obi
Protective headgear
Karate techniques collector cards

Kayla’s Review
I really like my Lottie doll alot, I have also named her Lottie too. I like that she has the same uniform as me and so do my friends at my Taekwondo class. I like that her hair doesn’t tangle up like most of my other dolls, her hair is lovely and soft and so shiney. She stands up too, none of my other dollies can do that. I like that my Lottie dolls looks like me. She doesn’t wear jewellery or make-up and she’s very bendy (flexible) and it’s really easy to change her outfit too. I really like my Lottie Doll.

Overall Kayla was super impressed and so am I. I love how Lottie presents a healthy view on body image, modelled on the dimensions of a real girl. The fact she is flat chested and make-up free is an added bonus.